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Rebecca Lumley
18 May 2022

Pharmapack Awards 2022: Winners Revealed

The jury assessed a wide range of industry-changing innovations in packaging and drug delivery, ultimately selecting seven winners. 

Pharmapack Europe has announced the winners of its prestigious Pharmapack Awards, an annual celebration of the most outstanding innovations in pharma packaging and drug delivery. The awards seek to highlight products that have improved drug efficacy, user safety or reduced environmental impact, with sustainability in particular shining through as a key metric this year. 

The Pharmapack jury assessed more than 30 entries across two categories - Exhibitor Innovations and Health Products – and ultimately selected seven winners.  

Awards host David McClelland noted the high standard of entries across the board, which he said led to ‘many hours of deliberation’ by the jury. The jury is comprised of industry experts from across the packaging and drug delivery space.  

The virtual awards show was hosted by David McClelland

Exhibitor Innovation Awards 

Routes of Administration 

WINNER – Philips-Medisize – Aria Smart Autoinjector 

The Aria Smart Autoinjector is a novel reusable electronic autoinjector, consisting of a reusable electronic power unit, a disposable cassette containing a pre-filled syringe and a moveable shield for needle safety.  

Kevin Deane, Vice President, Platform Products at Philips-Medisize, thanked the jury and added that the product would be targeting clinical trials and commercial release within the next two years.  

He said: ‘We think this is going to revolutionise the autoinjector market. We thought that there was a real gap and we needed a better product in the market to be able to give customers choices.’  

Due to the competitive nature of the category, the jury also awarded a high commendation to Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services’ Aidaptus® 2 step disposable autoinjector platform. The jury commended the flexibility of the Aidaptus® and its potential to accommodate different drug volumes.  

Sustainability Initiative  

WINNER - Körber Pharma Packaging Materials AG, Pharmaceutical Grass Paper Packaging 

The jury said Körber’s grass paper packaging, which is 100% recyclable, offered an ‘interesting, future-facing approach to using innovative, sustainable materials.’ 

Körber Pharma Packaging Materials CEO Joachim Hoeltz said the team was ‘humbled and privileged’ to receive the award.  

‘Resource-conserving packaging is not just a trendy topic for Körber. It is part of our DNA. We have been a pioneer in the sustainable production sector for more than 40 years,’ Hoeltz said.  

‘We strive to develop packaging solutions that simplify the lives of our customers and are sustainable at the same time. Therefore, this award means a lot to the whole team at Körber and shows us that we are on the right path’.  

Jury member Daniele Giorgi, from Ferring Pharmaceuticals, noted that there was ‘fierce debate’ over who should take home the sustainability prize and said it was vital for there to be more sustainable packaging options on the market. 

Connected Devices & Wearables 

WINNER - Ypsomed Delivery Systems – YpsoMate On 

YpsoMate On is the world’s first pre-filled autoinjector with integrated connectivity that automatically logs injections on the user’s therapy management app. 

The jury said it selected the device due to its impressive number of integrated functionalities, as well as the fact the battery and electronics can be separated to improve recyclability. 

Speaking after the win, Philippe Müller, Innovation and Business Development Manager at Ypsomed, thanked the jury and said: ‘We are excited to deepen partnership opportunities with pharma to advance digital therapy management in order to make self-care simpler and easier.’ 

Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution 

WINNER - Avery Dennison, Bluetooth Returnable Transport Item (RTI) Solution 

The Bluetooth RTI is battery-free Bluetooth enabled smart label that powers itself by harvesting RF energy. By sticking the label onto plastic crates, pharmaceuticals, and packaging, they are instantly connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). 

The innovative label design was praised by the jury for making a ‘significant contribution to supply chain security and transparency’.  

Packaging Innovation 

Formerly Primary Packaging, this category was renamed due to the breadth of entries received this year. It was one the year’s most hotly contested categories, with the jury awarding two high commendations in addition to the main award. 

WINNER – Berry Global / Pylote, Activated Rispharm 

The Activated Rispharm eye dropper features a nozzle and cap activated to kill bacteria and viruses continuously to deliver hygienic doses at each use and reduce infection risks.  

The jury commended the collaboration between Berry and Pylote, praising the use of a non-metal antimicrobial protectant, which ‘offers a significant improvement for ophthalmic care.’ 

The companies said they were ‘extremely happy and honoured’ to receive the packaging award, noting that ‘infections are a major burden in ophthalmic care which need to be addressed’.  

Jury member Corinne Ondo, from Merck, said Activated Rispharm was a ‘welcome addition to the market’.

‘We also appreciated the influence of sustainability with the reduction of plastic waste, which is very important for us,’ she said.  

Ondo noted the competitive nature of the category and said the quality of entries prompted the jury to award two high commendations, one for Pacifi Ltd’s DuoDERM, used to administer skin microbiome therapies, and one for Eurpack Giustini Sacchetti Srl’s BiKit, a reimagining of pharmaceutical documentation.  

Health Product Category Awards 

Patient-Centric Design 

WINNER – Ascendis Pharma A/S, SKYTROFA® Auto-Injector 

The SKYTROFA® Auto-Injector features built-in electronics and software to assist the user in preparing and administering subcutaneous injection. Once complete, it provides confirmation that the full dose has been delivered.  

The jury described the device as a ‘great all-in-one product with easy-to-follow steps for patients’.  

Thomas Ørts Pedersen, Senior Director – Device Development at Ascendis Pharma, said: ‘Our autoinjector is the result of extensive work involving hundreds of patients, caregivers and nurses in usability testing and clinical trials to inform the SKYTROFA autoinjector development, optimise its use and validate the product.’ 

‘Being able to provide an innovative device that can benefit both patients with growth hormone deficiency and their caregivers is something that we are extremely proud of,’ he added.  

Additionally, the jury awarded a high commendation to AAZ-LMB for its autotest COVID-VIRO ALL IN® product, a COVID-19 self-test designed specifically for children.  


WINNER – Sanofi Aventis Deutschland GmbH, TouStar® 

Sanofi’s TouStar® is the first reusable pen injector intended for delivery of concentrated insulin. 

The jury said it clinched the award due to making a ‘significant improvement in waste reduction, given the reusability of the product’. Sanofi collaborated with DCA Design Ltd on the device design.  

Rob Veasy, Senior Sector Manager, Medical & Scientific at DCA Design, said: It’s a real honour that TouStar has been recognised for the Pharmapack Award for Eco Design. During the development programme we worked hard together to make the product as inclusive as possible. I think TouStar demonstrates that highly sustainable devices do not need to be a compromise solution.’  

Jury member Romane Osadnick, from Adelphe, said the TouStar’s reusability was one of its strong points, noting that the environmental impact of the device is 50% lower than an equivalent disposable pen.  

A high commendation for eco-design was also awarded to Pierre Fabre’s Eludril Pro, Eludril Perio, Eludril Gé, Eludril Daily, Eludril Classic.  

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