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  • Product GardloX HYDRO + liposomal emulsion in situ with d-panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin A+E, Manuka honey MGO 400+, Icleandic Lichen

    GardloX HYDRO + liposomal emulsion in situ

    Ingredients contained in the preparation:

    • They have a soothing effect on the irritated mucosa of the mouth, throat, larynx and vocal cords (Icelandic lichen extract)
    • They bring relief in case of a tickle in the throat and larynx (Icelandic...
  • Product Dapagliflozin Amorphous


    The above product is presented solely for informational purposes and does not constitute an offer in any sense. Products with PIPELINE & EARLY DEVELOPMENT STATUS under patent (SPC) protection in Poland and/or other countries are not offered until expiration of the corresponding IP...
  • Product Finished dosage forms

    Finished dosage forms
  • Product Diosmetin

    GMP approved

    Venotonic for chronicle treatment of CVD, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, spider veins, and heavy legs syndrome. Promotes blood circulation and addresses vascular discomfort.
  • Product Dibrompropamidine isetionate

    Our product Dibrompropamidine isetionate (CAS number 614-87-9) is an antiseptic agent manufactured in our unique European GMP manufacturing plant located in Barcelona, Spain. Our active ingredient Dibrompropamidine isetionate (CAS number 614-87-9) ...
  • Product Tadalafil VersaFilmTM

    Tadalafil film is a new product opportunity formulated using VersaFilm™, IntelGenx’s proprietary thin film technology. 

    Key Licensing Highlights
    • The first oral thin film using IntelGenx proprietary drug delivery technology, VersaFilm™, for erectile dysfunction • Con...
  • Product ANDOREX THROAT SPRAY (benzydamine + chlorhexidine)

    used in following endications: - Gingivitis, stomatitis with inflammation and pain in the mouth and throat mucosa, in pharyngitis, tonsillitis and aphthous effects, 
    - Mouth and throat antisepsis, relief of swallowing mouths and teeth as relieving symptoms in meat disorders, 
    - Befor...
  • Product hyfc EPO (long acting)

    Efesa, is a long-acting Erythropoietin indicated for CKD-induced anemia in dialysis and non-dialysis patients. Efesa is a hybrid Fc of IgG4 and IgD that provides hinge flexibility and long serum half-life without causing toxicity to target cells. Global Phase 3 trial for non-dialysis indication is currentl...
  • Product Cell Culture Ingredients

    The Cell Culture ingredients offering provide customers with access to raw materials, like nucleotides, nucleosides, bio buffers, process solutions while also supplying cell culture media ingredients as amino acids and vitamins that further support the needs of biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

  • Product 1,2-Bis(bromomethyl)benzene

    VIO Chemicals offers a broad range of other chemicals and intermediates, including 1,2-Bis(bromomethyl)benzene. CAS No: 91-13-4

    COMPOSITION: Hyaluronic acid, Distilled Aloe vera water and Distilled Centella asiatica water.

    INDICATION: Eye drops for allergies and dry eyes. Artificial tears, Healing, Lubricant and Protective properties.

    PRESENTATION: Multidose bottle of 10 ml and Box with 10 steril...
  • Product Plastic Jars

    Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment. They can be produced in custom colors. They contain no additives other than raw materials and dye. The protective lubricants used to clean molds, raw materials and dyes are food grade.
  • Product Varenicline Tartrate

    Dipharma manufactures wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients including Varenicline Tartrate, a smoking-cessation product, which is nitrosamine free due to the dedicated process developed. Contact us for more information.

  • Product ANIRACETAM

  • Product SDI MIX®+NIT® Autoinjector

    SDI MIX+NIT is a dual-chamber disposable autoinjector built with SHL’s NIT (Needle Isolation Technology), which allows cartridge-based injectors to be built into easy-to-use autoinjectors. To accommodate drug formulations that need to be reconstituted prior to patient administration, the device features a ...
  • Product Amphotericin B

    Amphotericin B is a mixture of polyenes active against a wide variety of fungi e.g. Aspergillus, Candida and Cryptococcus species.

    Indication: Used in the treatment of severe, invasive, potentially life-threatening fungal infections (mycosis) typically in immunocompromised patients. q...
  • Product Mark II™ Fine Mist Pump

    A well-established, high-value mist pump, Mark II™ delivers excellent atomisation for nasal, oral, topical and ear applications. It includes a wide range of adaptors for pharmaceutical delivery systems, and a range of options for protective hoods and more. Give your customers the assurance of a premium...
  • Product Click Pack Pails

    Click Pack is the first UN certified pail with a quarter turn screw lid closure and a locking button. Opening and closing is easy, fast and straightforward. Once locked, the UN certification is valid and the container is moisture vapor tight.

    Plastic High Performance Packaging by CurTec is c...
  • Product Round tablet jars and containers for solid oral dosage forms

    Röchling Medical offers a wide range of tablet containers complete with tamper-evident and CRC closures.  • Customizable • Closures range woth flexible configurations
    Contact us for further information.
  • Product VitiPure O 80 LEX

    VitiPure O 80 is a non-ionic, hydrophilic emulsifier, co-emulsifier, solubilizer and suspension stabilizer used widely in various biopharmaceutical formulations. It appears as amber liquid in room temperature with a faint characteristic odor. VitiPure O 80 has a broad working pH range and offers good skin ...