Rapid Mixer Granulator - RMG - HSMG

Rapid Mixer Granulator - RMG - HSMG
Product Description

We are manufacturing this product since 1978, primarily used for making granules from dry powder by adding binder, consists of a main mixing blade for making the granules and chopper blade for de-lumping purposes.

We provide 100% automation, has a pneumatically operated lid, discharge port and impeller lifting system through pneumatic cylinder for ease of cleaning.

Powder charging can be done through an LPD or through vacuum charging, both options are possible as per user requirement.

Binder addition through peristaltic pump through and drip tube or an atomizing spray gun is also possible.

Wet sizing cone mill can be added under the discharge for further de-lumping requirements, it has an under driven design with capacity of up to 1 ton/hr at 12 mm square sieve.

HMI/PLC, VFDs for all motors are provided as standard in our basic supply.

Saral Engineering Company

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  • 2018
    On CPHI since

Saral Engineering Company

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  • 2018
    On CPHI since

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