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Vivian Xie
18 Apr 2023

Rebuilding the United States' pharma infrastructure – CPHI North America 2023 preview

As we prepare for CPHI North America from April 25–27 in Philadelphia, USA, CPHI Online caught up with some of the track sponsors to discuss how the show connects vital players within the North American pharmaceutical landscape.    

In this interview, we spoke with Modestus Obochi, PhD MBA, General Manager, API Solutions and EVP, Strategy & Business Development at Phlow, a US-based developer and manufacturer of APIs and finished pharmaceutical products, about the current North American pharma supply chain, and where it’s headed in the future. 

What does it mean for your team/company to be here this year at CPHI North America? 

We are exhibiting, as well as sponsoring a track, at CPHI North America this year because it provides an ideal opportunity for participants to meet our highly experienced Phlow team in person, hear more about our CDMO capabilities, and discuss the needs of participants. We also hope to showcase how our advanced manufacturing technologies for small molecule APIs can provide a variety of solutions.  

What role does CPHI North America play for the pharmaceutical supply chain and industry in the Americas region? 

We believe in radical collaboration. That means we relentlessly seek out opportunities for bold thoughts, revolutionary ideas, and unique perspectives to collide. CPHI North America has set the stage for this kind of productive dialogue as industry leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise come together to solve the industry’s toughest problems and embrace the most impactful solutions.  

Could you please describe what Phlow is bringing to the show this year? 

We will be showcasing our thought leadership and our advanced research, development, and manufacturing services, called cdmoX. One of our technical leaders, Dr Andy Carpenter, will be speaking about how next-generation CDMO partnerships are revolutionizing the pharma industry. We will also be exhibiting Phlow’s CDMO capabilities for small molecule API and starting materials. We invite show participants to stop by our booth #1105, or arrange a time for a one-on-one conversation with our experts, to learn more about our U.S.-based, next-gen CDMO. Phlow offers innovative custom API R&D and manufacturing services for small molecules. Our goal for CPHI North America is to find ways to inspire pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes to consider a domestic solution as part of our shared effort to reduce costs and waste, improve quality and yield, and offer a more environmentally friendly manufacturing option.  

Of what value is CPHI North America to the North American pharmaceutical supply chain, and how important is the show to a company like Phlow? 

Events like CPHI North America provide the industry with an opportunity to better understand the challenges with the current supply chain for life-changing medications – including development, manufacturing, pricing, reimbursement, and distribution. At Phlow, we are rebuilding critical infrastructure in the US while actively accelerating the advanced manufacturing of affordable, high-quality medicines that are critical to the health of our communities. As a US-based contract development and manufacturing organization, we view CPHI North America as an opportunity to be part of the solution by offering pharmaceutical and biotech companies a robust platform and customized services for small molecule APIs and KSMs. CPHI North America represents a chance for the industry to solve a problem that our country has faced for decades – a broken supply chain – for good. Phlow is proud to be a part of that solution by helping pharma and biotech companies drive down their manufacturing costs and drive up their quality and yield using a more environmentally approach.  

Are there any specific challenges for the pharmaceutical supply chain in North America?  

Yes, an over-reliance on foreign manufacturers has left pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the United States vulnerable to escalating costs, unpredictable quality, and mounting supply chain disruptions. From public health threats to trade disputes to regulatory inspection delays, today’s global landscape presents increasing roadblocks that have resulted in lost profits for these companies and even worse, families with empty medicine cabinets. In response, Phlow has a solution. Proactive pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes, and at all stages of product development, now have an opportunity to secure cost-effective and efficient ways to re-shore their production of small molecule APIs and KSMs in the United States using Phlow’s cdmoX. At Phlow, we’re making it possible for companies to manage the entire lifecycle of critical elements of their product portfolio without relinquishing control overseas and risking the quality and availability of KSMs and APIs.  

What are you most looking forward to at CPHI North America? 

The Phlow team is most looking forward to locking arms with others at CPHI North America who are dedicated to working every day to strengthen the pharmaceutical supply chain – from the ingredients to finished products. We welcome the opportunity to meet with other pharmaceutical and biotech companies to discuss how they could leverage Phlow’s advanced CDMO services to mitigate their supply chain risks and optimize their entire product lifecycle. Most of all, we are looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with biotech and pharma companies who are looking for an extension of their R&D team from beginning to end and for those ready to leverage the most effective use of both batch and continuous manufacturing to customize the best solution for reducing costs, decreasing development time, and lowering environmental impact. 

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Vivian Xie
Editor - Custom Content

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