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Salesworth Synergies is an Agency House incorporated in the year 1997. It is headquartered in Bangalore. Salesworth Synergies represents world reputed machine manufacturing companies primarily in the field of Pharmaceutical Industry and is responsible for Sales, Service & Support of machines manufactured by:
* Rommelag AG, Switzerland for Aseptic BFS machines.* Seidenader GmbH, Germany for Inspection machines for liquid/ Lyo/Powder filled ampoules/vials & sorting machines for tablets/capsules.
* Electrol Specialities Company, USA for CIP Systems and Packages.
* Schubert-Pharma, Germany manufacturer of packaging machines and automation solutions. 

Develops tailor-made solutions for your specific application. Playing the role of Catalysts, Salesworth Group has made a major contribution to the Pharmaceutical Industry and through them to the common man. Salesworth Synergies LLP is a sister concern of Salesworth India Private Limited, a company which was incorporated in the year 1984. Salesworth India started its business representing two world known Com...

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Products from Salesworth Synergies LLP (3)

  • Apexdisc

    Product Apexdisc

    Salesworth synergies pvt. Ltd offers a wide range of products under biological indicators which includes sgm spore suspension. It is a calibrated suspension of bacterial spores appropriate for preparing custom biological indicators for monitoring steam, ethylene oxide, dry heat and radiation industrial steril...
  • Autoclave eo gas tapes

    Product Autoclave eo gas tapes

    Salesworth synergies pvt. Ltd offers a wide range of products under chemical indicators which includes steam charts. Features: class 5 integrators, best integrator for 121°c, temperature specific, multiple color change inks, color change is permanent, color interpretation guide available. Contact us for more ...
  • Blistering machine

    Product Blistering machine

    Salesworth synergies pvt. Ltd offers a wide range of products under mediseal which includes blistering machine. More than 600 mediseal blister machines are in use today worldwide, packaging pharmaceutical products of all kinds. Tablets, capsules, dragées, ampoules, vials, syringes or liquid products – me...