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‘’ Ms Sameto AG Drive Pvt Ltd is into manufacturing of Formulation equipments mainly the Granulation Line for Tablets & Capsules & Ointment / Syrup / Liquid Oral Plants with an manufacturing unit in Gujarat & office in Mumbai .We have 10 years of experience & expertise for producing Formulation Equipments .Within a short span of time we have grown largely to cater the Pharma , Herbal & Cosmetics I...

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Products from Sameto AG Drive Private Limited (3)

  • Rapid Mixer Granulation

    Product Rapid Mixer Granulation

    RAPID MIXER GRANULATOR Machine is used for homogeneous mixing of granulation powder used for production of tablets. It is also used for process of wet mixing & fast dry, humidifying of the powder in Chemical, Cosmetic, Food, Plastic Pharmaceutical, General Mixing Industries, etc.

    Rapid Mix...
  • Double Cone Blender

    Product Double Cone Blender

    Double Cone Blenders provide an efficient but gentle blending action. Mixing time will be a bit longer, but mixing efficiency is good .Blending action can be intensive by providing asymmetric cones.(Due to irregular shape.) Optimum performance can be yielded by keeping the internal angle of lower cone ...
  • Fluid Bed Dryer

    Product Fluid Bed Dryer

    Fluid Bed Dryers are used to dry, wet granulated materials attained after the granulation process.  The material is dried through the combination of moisture diffusion from the inside of the granules and the removal of moisture by forced – air convection.

    In this unit operation, the granul...