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21 Feb 2020

ScentSational adds Hearts to its line of Aroma and Taste Enhancing ScentCerts for Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplements

ScentSational Technologies has selected CPHI on May 5, 2020 at the Philadelphia Convention Center to enable attendees to experience the Company’s latest innovation in multi-sensory branding for Dietary Supplements.

ScentCerts™ HEARTS are scented inserts made with encapsulated flavors that significantly enhance the smell and taste of capsules, pills, gelcaps and gummies. ScentCerts HEARTS are an exciting, attractive and new addition to the ScentCerts line of TABS and PAKS which are made with All-Natural, Organic Compliant, FDA, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Halal certified flavors in a proprietary and recyclable polymer blend. ScentCerts now come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to satisfy the desires of the fast-growing category of Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplement companies.

Several leading brands are already benefiting from improved customer reviews and increased sales from ScentCerts, which validate the very positive effect of improved aroma and taste.

As brand owners look to find ways to differentiate their brands from the cacophony of products in the market, they are increasingly coming to understand the value of aroma and how it connects with consumers. This is because aroma is processed in the limbic mode of the brain, the part of the brain where memory and impulses are processed. ScentCerts help brand owners connect with consumers on an emotional level which in turn drive purchasing decisions.

The Tradeoff between Efficacy and Likability

As many pharmaceutical products contain ingredients that have malodors and bitter taste, the consumer acceptance and likability of these products is compromised. While consumers/patients understand the necessity and the benefits of these ingredients, many struggle with swallowing them. Malodorous medications/supplements often result in noncompliance by consumers which in turn negatively impacts the health of the individual as well as brand sales. While there are products on the market intended to mitigate the smell of these products, most are ineffective and all fall short,until now.

ScentSational, the leader in scented packaging technologies that enhance the aroma and taste of consumer products, developed ScentCerts not only to enhance, but to extend the shelf life of supplements. Many supplements have reduced lifespans, not due to loss of efficacy, but due to malodors which build up in the product over time. ScentSational’s proprietary Encapsulated Aroma Release® technology enable ScentCerts to deliver a continuous and stable scent over long periods of time. Consumers are greeted with an enticing smell every time they open the bottle.

Steven M. Landau, founder and CTO of ScentSational Technologies said “We recognized the only way to deliver product changing aroma was by starting from the ground up. We tested a myriad of materials, flavors and active scent release on a large segment of products and active ingredients on the market for optimal impact. ScentCerts are the result of that work and we are proud to say it is the most effective scent delivery system on the market. Our new Heart shape ScentCerts were designed at a specific size, weigh and material to offer maximum aroma and taste.” In addition to masking or mitigating malodors found in many supplements, ScentCerts were formulated to deliver very impactful and appealing aroma to products. Even formerly neutral or odorless products are also benefitting from ScentCerts. Now consumers have a positive experience when they open the bottle and use the product.” Although ScentSational’s ScentCerts are still very new in the market, they are receiving rave reviews from our customers as well as end users and bloggers.

Patent Pending ScentCerts work with capsules, soft-gels, tablets & gummies. ScentCerts are available in many specially formulated flavors such as Citrus Grove, Eureka Mint and Lemon Twist. They are offered in encapsulated injected molded TABS and HEARTS in an array of attractive translucent colors as well as Tyvek PAKS in cut or on auto-fill spools.

Barry M. Edelstein, ScentSational Technologies’ President and CEO said, “Based on the feedback from our rapidly growing list of clients, ScentCerts have proven to increase compliance, product sales and drive brand preference. Several brand owners stated they would not launch their new product without them. Dietary supplement companies no longer need to choose between efficacious or pleasant-smelling ingredients, with ScentCerts they now can have both!”

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