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Problem solutions using innovative filter products

The world-wide presence of Sefar − subsidiaries and fabrications centers in 26 countries on 6 continents − allows to offer customer-oriented filter solutions that can also meet every location-specific requirement. They are optimized for the full range of drying, sieving and solid / liquid filtration applications and designed for all...

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    SEFAR PHARMA GMP BAGS are the certified filter bag solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

    The design has been developed to avoid contamination from the needle felt.

    The high filtration efficiency is granted by an ePTFE microporose membrane laminated on polyester or PTFE needle felt...
  • Fluid Bed Dryer Bags

    Product Fluid Bed Dryer Bags

    Thanks to their welded seams, Sefar’s bags for fluid bed dryers guarantee minimal particle loss.

    The high-quality finish ensures precise and durable products.

    Our bags for fluid bed dryers are subjected to a final testing of their permeability and certified accordingly – a unique serv...
  • Centrifuge Liners & Bags

    Product Centrifuge Liners & Bags

    Sefar products for centrifugal filters are matched to the filter machines used, whether they are band centrifuges, bag centrifuges or inverting centrifuges. Our ready-made solutions are based on optimized Sefar designs that have been proven in use over many years.

    Thanks to our wide range of fab...