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Shanxi Liuqing Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (formerly Liuqing Pharmaceutical Plant) was established in March 2003 after the restructuring and reorganization. As a professional manufacturer of phenolphthalein products, it has achieved an annual output value of RMB 64.5 million.

Our phenolphthalein is effective and widely used in the fields such as medicine, food, feed, cosmetics and electroplating. It is currently used as laxatives in medicine. We have also involved in the synthetic polymer materials and coatings.

At present, phenolphthalein is mainly exported to Europe, South Africa and other western countries, with steadily increasing domestic demands.

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  • Phenolphthalein

    Product Phenolphthalein

    Shanxi Liuqing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Offers a wide range of products which includes phenolphthalein. Purpose: it is suitable for the habitual obstinate constipation, the various dosage forms such as tablet, suppository, etc. It is used for alkali indicator, non-aqueous titration of indicator, color layer a...