SIDEFARMA is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to manufacture and marketing pharmaceutical products with headquarters in Lisboa, Portugal.With 45 years of experience, EU GMP, ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certified, SIDEFARMA is a CMO specialised in the manufacture small and medium size batches. 
SIDEFARMA markets a wide range of Rx medicines, Consumer Health and Cosmetics.
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  • SOCIEDADE INDUSTRIAL DE EXPANSÃO FARMACEUTICA SA, Rua da Guiné nº 26, 2689-514 , Prior Velho , (Lisboa), Portugal

Products from SIDEFARMA (3)

  • Lidonostrum Bomba-Spray 10% (Lidocaine, cutaneous spray solution, 100 mg/ml)

    Product Lidonostrum Bomba-Spray 10% (Lidocaine, cutaneous spray solution, 100 mg/ml)

    Dosage strength: 100 mg/ml. Pharmaceutical form: cutaneous spray, solution.  Therapeutic indications:
    - Nasal procedures such as puncture of the maxillary sinus;
    - Oral and dental procedures prior to injection;
    - Oropharyngeal procedures such as gastrointestinal endoscopy;
    - Procedur...
  • Lidonostrum Gele 2% (Lidocaine gel, 20 mg/g)

    Product Lidonostrum Gele 2% (Lidocaine gel, 20 mg/g)

    Dosage strength: 20 mg/g. Pharmaceutical form: gel. Therapeutic indications: 
    Superficial anaesthesia and lubrication: 
    - of the urethra: before cystoscopies, insertion of urinary catheter, urethral dilations or other endourethral procedures 
    - of nasal and pha...
  • Lidonostrum (Lidocaine ointment, 50 mg/g)

    Product Lidonostrum (Lidocaine ointment, 50 mg/g)

    Dosage strength: 50 mg/g. Pharmaceutical form: ointment.    Therapeutic indications:
    - Temporary relief of the pain caused by burns and mild skin abrasion, such as sunburns, Herpes zoster and cold sores (herpes simplex labialis), sore nipples and insect bites.
    - Anaesthes...

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