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Skuny Bioscience is a dynamic bio-tech company committed to discovery and commercializes active ingredients and formulas derived nutritional and pharmaceutical products utilizing proprietary biotechnology including Bio-separation, Bio-enzyme, and Fermentation.

Skuny has developed a unique and patented technological platform (MSETTM) for manufacturing high purity Omega-3 EPA/DHA/ALA Oil ...

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  • FULLSBIO Full Spectrum Herbal Extract

    Product FULLSBIO Full Spectrum Herbal Extract

    Skuny has developed a Full Spectrum Full Spectrum extraction enrichment technology, products to maintain and improve the plant nutrients, from plant identification or to plant nutrients spectral analysis, BioGin are using advanced scientific method efficiently service health industry and customers
  • GreensBio Standardized Botanical Powder

    Product GreensBio Standardized Botanical Powder

    Skuny developed many pure plant powder, and by using TLC, HPTLC, HPLC, GC, such as MR earlier on international science and technology is the establishment of a standardized quality system, pertaining to, Cosmetic, Whole Foods such as consumer provides scientific quality guarantee.
  • HIghsNutri Standardized Herbal Extract

    Product HIghsNutri Standardized Herbal Extract

    Skuny has more than 30 pharmaceutical chemistry, nutrition and quality experts in more than 10 years has developed more than 100 standardized plant extracts, which is more popular in the international such as 40% SDG, 80% ALA, Eriocitrin, Flaxseed Protein, Icaroside II, Tracheloside, Natural Alpha - Carote...

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  • Brochure Fatty Acids Product List

    Megafullife® is a series of high quality, innovative and scientifically supports lipids ingredients and solutions for dietary supplements and pharmaceutical industries. Megafullife Omega-3 include Flaxseed Oil ALA and Fish Oil EPA/DHA in Oil,Powder, Granule, Tablet forms and so on, all these products’ specifications meet/over EP,USP,JP,GOED  and so on standards