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<p> “Sotex “PharmFirm” is a modern manufacturer of medicinal products, operating in accordance with the requirements of GMP EU. “Sotex” factory located in the Sergiev-Posad district of Moscow Region is one of the most high-technology and innovative pharmaceutical enterprises in Russia.</p> <p> The factory carries out a complete cycle of production: preparation of injection solutions, filling of ampoules and syringes with further labeling, packing and shipping to a warehouse. All processes are carried out in strict accordance with international requirements in clean rooms of cleanliness classes A, B, C and D using the equipment of leading European corporations: INOVA, SEIDENADER, UHLMAN, BAUSH & STROBEL, PHARMAPLAN, IMA.</p> <p> The company also has a unique for Russian market experience of direct interaction with leading international pharmaceutical manufacturers in licensed production and promotion of medicinal products.</p>

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Products from Sotex

  • Coating machine

    Product Coating machine

    Sotex offers a wide range of products which includes coating machine. It is the garment guarantees a high grip performance. The machine base is of a rotary index form technique. The form carrousel is equipped with 18-40 forms adapted to the garment, which should be coated. The process is similar silk screen printing. The coating /printing is made on one or more print stations, so it is possible to print with four colors and on one or both sides. The heat treatment in the heating channel with adjustable temperature guarantees very reliable adhesion of the pvc on the garment. The maximum temperature is 200 degrees celsius. Contact us for more information.
  • Glove packaging

    Product Glove packaging

    Sotex offers a wide range of products which includes glove packaging. It is manual / automatic disconnect the gloves on conveyor, handling for uniform stacking 12 pairs (0 ° and 180 °), bands of the stack with foil, welding the stack shrink-wrapped by l-sealers,then shrink the shrink tunnel, automatic sticking a bar code label. Contact us for more information.
  • Glove sewing automat

    Product Glove sewing automat

    Sotex offers a wide range of products which includes glove sewing automat. It is overedging machine for automatic seaming of huitted gloves additional equipments: label dispensor, automatic loading device, automatic take off, stacking device, bundling. Contact us for more information.