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SQM is the worldwide leader in its three main business areas: Iodine, Lithium and Specialty Plant Nutrition. The company has commercial offices in more than 20 countries, which enables SQM to offer its business formulae to customers in 110 countries throughout Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. SQM not just offers top quality products and services but pursues a much more ambitious goal: the success of its customers throughout the world. On top of being an excellent supplier, SQM has become a business ally in the search of better solutions for its customers. 

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Products from SQM- Ajay (3)

  • Iodine

    Product Iodine

    The largest economically exploitable reserves of Caliche Ore in the world are located in northern Chile, where SQM holds a major part of them. SQM also has the world's largest iodine production capacity. Main uses of iodine: biocides, LCD/LED polarizing films, human nutrition, pharmaceuticals. 
  • Lithium Carbonate

    Product Lithium Carbonate

    Lithium Carbonate is used in a variety of applications, including cathode materials for rechargeable batteries, frits for ceramic glazing and enameling, heat-resistant glass (ceramic glass), primary aluminium, air conditioning chemicals, continuous casting powder for steel extrusion, and production of down...
  • Lithium Hydroxide

    Product Lithium Hydroxide

    Lithium Hydroxide is used predominantly in the production of high performance lubricating grease that can be applied in extreme temperature and load conditions. Lithium hydroxide is also used in production of cathode materials for rechargeable batteries, industrial dyes and specialty lithium chemicals.