Supporting commercialization with specialized technologies

16 Jul 2019

Joseph Szczesiul, Director of Technical Services and Patrick Hatem, Vice President of Manufacturing of UPM Pharmaceuticals, have written an article for Pharma's Almanac on supporting commercialization with specialized technologies.

As the complexity of APIs and drug formulations continues to increase, drug manufacturers more frequently need to engage contract development and manufacturing organizations that can support them with specialized technologies from the proof-of-concept stage through clinical trials and on to commercial production.

Supporting commercialization with specialized technologies

Many small molecule APIs in the pharmaceutical pipeline today have increased potency. These compounds can affect workers and the environment at very low concentration levels and therefore require special equipment and handling capabilities to ensure proper containment and prevent their release into the air.

UPM Pharmaceuticals has capabilities for processing potent compounds from development to commercial quantities. Manufacturing takes place in glove boxes with table-top equipment at bench scale and moves up to compound-dedicated suites with appropriate air flow controls and outfitted with the necessary full-scale containment equipment.