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Synmosa Group, started from Synmosa Biopharma Corp as a pharmaceutical trading and distribution company in Taiwan since 1980,  gradually transformed into a fully integrated pharmaceutical group by merger and acquisition, and become one of the leading pharmaceutical group in Taiwan. Synmosa Group is responsible for directing overall group strategy and its subsidiaries prov...

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Products from Synmosa Group (3)

  • Actein 600mg Effervescent Tab.

    Product Actein 600mg Effervescent Tab.

    Ingredient: N- Acetylcysteine 600mg
    Dosage Form: Effervescent Tablet

    Indication:1.Reduce the viscosity of the secretion of mucous membrane of respiratory tract. 2.Acetaminophene Antidote

    Features: • Larger dose,  • Better protection for acid-sensitive ingredients, ...
  • Actein 100mg/200mg

    Product Actein 100mg/200mg

    Ingredient: Actein 100mg: N- Acetylcysteine 20 mg/g, 100mg/bagActein 200mg: N- Acetylcysteine 66.7 mg/g, 200mg/bag

    Dosage Form: Granule in Sachet   

    Indication: patient with acute & chronic resp tract infections with abu...
  • Anlitin  (Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg) Tablet

    Product Anlitin (Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg) Tablet

    Ingredient: Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg
    Dosage Form: Tablet

    Indication: Emergency Oral ContraceptivesbrhrbrSynmosa Group offers a wide range of oral contraceptive products which includes anlitin. Indication: emergency oral contraceptives. Dosage: 1 tab as soon as p...