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We are an Italian company specialized in the production of medical devices and in liposomal technology. We are driven to offer innovative products in the medical field as well as the best value proposition. Our People are skilled, passionate, highly committed and motivated by challenging projects. We promote the diversity of ideas and support a multicultural working environment in order to achieve best solutions.

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Products from TDC Technology Dedicated to Care (3)

  • KELAPHER® 2.B (single-use)

    Product KELAPHER® 2.B (single-use)

    Medical device Class IIb The Kelapher 2.B single-use is the most specialized product of our portfolio. Kelapher Cream-Single Use speeds the healing process and is very useful in the treatment of dystrophic-dyschromic skin alteration conditions such as: Post-operative bruisingPost-sclerotherapy haemos...
  • APOLACT® Nasale TDC spray

    Product APOLACT® Nasale TDC spray

    APOLACT Nasale TDC spray is a medical device class I. It contains a mixture of apolactoferrin and lactoferrin in liposomes with sorbitol specially designed for hygiene, hydration and protection of the nasal cavity. Liposomes are lipid spheres that allow the protection and release of Apo-lactoferrin....

    Product APOLACT® TDC

    Apolact TDC is a dietary supplement based on Apolactoferrin in liposomes, useful in case of increased need and / or deficiency of lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is an iron chelating glycoprotein involved in numerous biological mechanisms, present in breast milk and in numerous organic secretions: saliva, tears, nas...