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We are an Italian company specialized in the production of medical devices and in liposomal technology. We are driven to offer innovative products in the medical field as well as the best value proposition. Our People are skilled, passionate, highly committed and motivated by challenging projects. We promote the diversity of ideas and support a multicultural working environment in order to achieve best solutions.

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Products from TDC Technology Dedicated to Care

  • KELAPHER® 2.B (single-use)

    Product KELAPHER® 2.B (single-use)

    Medical device Class IIb The Kelapher 2.B single-use is the most specialized product of our portfolio. Kelapher Cream-Single Use speeds the healing process and is very useful in the treatment of dystrophic-dyschromic skin alteration conditions such as: Post-operative bruisingPost-sclerotherapy haemosinderic dyschromiaChronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) dyschromia (CEAP stages C4-C6)Prevention of venous ulcersLipodermatosclerosisHemochromatosisUlcero-dystrophic alterations (varicose ulcers, decubitus sores, fissures etc.)BurnsPost-operative woundsDelayed wound healingPost laser therapy, laser hair removal (non-ablative lasers, ablative, etc.)Therapeutic interested areas: Phlebology, Diabetology (diabetic foot), Burns and Wound healing, Post -Ophthalmologic surgeries.
  • APOLACT® Nasale TDC spray

    Product APOLACT® Nasale TDC spray

    APOLACT Nasale TDC spray is a medical device class I. It contains a mixture of apolactoferrin and lactoferrin in liposomes with sorbitol specially designed for hygiene, hydration and protection of the nasal cavity. Liposomes are lipid spheres that allow the protection and release of Apo-lactoferrin. LTF is an iron-chelating glycoprotein, that defends the human body against a wide range of pathogens. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of lactoferrin are largely due to its ability to bind free iron Fe3 +, an essential cofactor for microbial growth and for the production of free radicals. The antiviral effect of lactoferrin is related to its ability to bind to plasma membrane glycosaminoglycans, preventing the virus from entering and stopping infection in the bud. Apolactoferrin (iron-free form of lactoferrin) is more active than lactoferrin itself (5 times) since the bond with iron is achieved in the open form of apoprotein, allowing easier access to Fe³ + ions.

    Product APOLACT® TDC

    Apolact TDC is a dietary supplement based on Apolactoferrin in liposomes, useful in case of increased need and / or deficiency of lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is an iron chelating glycoprotein involved in numerous biological mechanisms, present in breast milk and in numerous organic secretions: saliva, tears, nasal and vaginal secretions. Apolactoferrin (iron-free form of lactoferrin) is 5 times more active than lactoferrin itself. Numerous scientific literature reports that Lactoferrin has multiple beneficial effects including: antimicrobial, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, rebalancing the iron-dependent enzymatic systems. The innovative technology of the product is that of microencapsulation in oral liposomes. Liposomes are lipid spheres that allow the protection and subsequent release of Apolactoferrin and the microencapsulation technique, applied to Apolactoferrin, prevents gastric degradation and reduces the rate of hydrolysis in intestinal conditions.
  • ARNICA GEL Biancardi extraforte

    Product ARNICA GEL Biancardi extraforte

    Arnica Gel Biancardi extraforte is an original gel formulation handed down over the years based on Arnica Montana and Leaf Oil of Pinus Silvestris, Rosmarinus Officinalis and “Piemontese” Mentha Piperita. Arnica Gel Biancardi extraforte restores immediate relief and well-being by massaging the joints, neck and back. Packaging: 1 single use applicator 10 ml - 200 ml BOTTLE - 500 ml BOTTLE


    Kelapher Airless is a cosmetic product indicated in dermatology and dermoaesthetics. The cream is useful in the dermo-aesthetic treatment of dyschromias resulting from hematomas, ecchymosis, haemato-melanin dyschromias as well as in post-epilation and post laser aesthetic treatments. It counteracts the degradation of collagen and elastin due to the presence of free radicals. Decreases edema, modulates the migration of the cells involved in the inflammatory process. Increases the production of hyaluronic acid and the synthesis of collagen. It hasan exceptional texture, leaves the skin with a gentle sensation of hydration without fragrances, non greasyand is suitable for all skin types.

    Product SOBREROSE

    Sobrerose is a rejuvenating, regenerating andrelaxing face cream based on biomimetic peptides, ceramides and hyaluronic acid in liposomes. Sobrerose fights the signs of aging, makes the face brighter and restores the elasticity of the skin, which appears more radiant. It is formulated to nourish and restore vitality toskin weakened by changes related to the naturalaging process, thanks to the combination of two bio-mimetic peptides that work in synergy together with ceramides and hyaluronic acid in liposomes.

    Product SOMILUX®

    “Somilux” is a medical device class IIa. This eye drops containing lactoferrin in liposomes. Lactoferrin is one of the most abundant proteins present in the tear film. Thanks to its ability to bind iron, it's able to inhibit microbial growth and prevent inflammations. However, pathologies (blepharitis, conjunctivitis, systemic diseases), surgery, old age, environmental factors (accumulation of fine dust, smog, allergens) or visual stress (prolonged use of computers, contact lenses, excessive exposure to wind and sun) they can drastically reduce lactoferrin levels, exposing the eyes to inflammation and infections. “Somilux” is able to restore the lacrimal quota of lactoferrin, effectively counteracting ocular disorders, avoiding the superimposition of microbial infections (Gram-negative bacteria) and relieving redness, dryness and stinging of the eyes. Furthermore, the inclusion of lactoferrin in liposomes preserves its biological stability and improves its bioavailability and efficacy.

    Product VASOPURE®

    VASOPURE is a Liymphatic drainage cream with chelating and proteolytic action. Useful for the treatment of cellulite blemishes and edema. Vasopure cream prepares the skin for manual lymphatic drainage massage thanks to the chelating, soothing and antioxidant action of Apolactoferrin in liposomes and MSM. It softens the parts of major fibrotic accumulation favoring the drainage of liquids and proteins. It leaves the skin clean and restores elasticity to the scent of geranium and eucalyptus. Regardless of manual lymphatic drainage, Vasopure cream can be used freely and applied as a moisturizer and regenerator, making the skin velvety to the touch.


    Product GYNO-APOLACT®

    "Apolact vaginal capsules" is a medical device, class IIa, in vaginal capsules based on Apolactoferrin in liposomes to be used as an adjunct in the treatment and prevention of vaginal and cervico-vaginal infections such as bacterial, viral and fungal vaginitis (candidiasis) and in all cases of temporary alteration of the balance of the vaginal flora .