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The Tentamus Group was founded early 2011 and quickly became an important global player in the provision of analytical and consulting services for the Pharma, Food, Agriculture and Cosmetic industry and also for Medical Cannabis. Currently, Tentamus is represented in over 70 locations worldwide with more than 3,000 highly trained staff members. 
Several laboratories within the Tentamus Group are specialized in providing services to the (bio)pharmaceutical industry, qualified and competent to operate (c)GMP, GLP, GCLP and ISO facilities. This lab network enables Tentamu...

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Products from Tentamus Pharma and Med GmbH (5)

  • Pharmaceutical Products

    Product Pharmaceutical Products

    Bringing a pharmaceutical product to the market entails many complex, time consuming and expensive activities. Analytical expertise is a cornerstone in this development process. Tentamus Pharma Labs can support our customers throught the entirety of the development process and commercialization by prov...
  • Medical Devices

    Product Medical Devices

    The EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) requires a more stringent characterization of products in the Medical Device field. The MDR is madatory for all new products and existing products have to comply by May 26th 2020. Tentamus Pharma Labs are equipped to support you in fulfilling MDR requirements. Bio...
  • Biomolecules and ATMPs

    Product Biomolecules and ATMPs

    Biomolecules like antibodies have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry during the last decade and new products (e.g. Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products – ATMPs) are evolving in clinical studies and on the market. Tentamus Pharma Labs are among the leaders of analytical support for these product ...
  • Microbiology

    Product Microbiology

    Microbiological tests are mandatory for non-sterile and sterile pharmaceutical products as well as medical devices. Tentamus Pharma Labs provide all standard test methods in this field and support your products in development or commercial phases. For non-sterile products, microbial enumeration tests (...
  • Instrument-Based Analytics

    Product Instrument-Based Analytics

    The pharma laboratories within the Tentamus Group are equipped with state of the art analytical instruments offering an unparalleled array of analytical and bioanalytical services. The range covers simple Pharmacopeia methods (e.g. Ph.Eur, USP) to very complex analyses of biomolecules. We offer all kin...