15 Nov 2022

Why Biopharma CDMO Companies Must Transition with Long-Term Sustainability in Mind

Today, leading companies are not only centered on creating values, but they also focus on developing strategies to foster a company's longevity. Therefore, many companies have become more engaged in sustainable activities to make progress and are now joining the race. Acknowledging the importance of sustainable development, Biopharma CDMO companies are also finding ways to show their best performances in sustainability.

In this session, we will discuss the importance of why pharmaceutical CDMO companies should make their transition with long-term sustainability in mind. Explaining how the pharmaceutical industry (and innovative initiatives) should put effort into improving outcomes for patients, employees, the environment, and the wider community. Learn how Samsung Biologics, as one of the leading CDMO companies, is committed to making a sustainable future by creating ESG values through climate change responses, entry into the carbon neutral society, and transparency in the governance structure.

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