25 Oct 2022

Samsung Biologics Corporate Brochure

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Samsung Biologics Co., Ltd.

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  • News Pharma CEOs write open letter calling suppliers to commit to sustainability

    Several big pharma companies have added their names to a letter challenging suppliers in the healthcare industry to pledge to sustainability targets. 
  • News Updated: Samsung Biologics to manufacture Pfizer's biosimilars products

    Samsung Biologics agrees to use their biocampus Plant 4 for the manufacture of a line of products from Pfizer. 
  • Brochure Samsung Biologics CDO Services Brochure

    We Make it Work - For Every Molecule

    Successful development relies on a deep understanding of a molecule’s unique characteristics. At Samsung Biologics,we have the knowledge and expertise to realize the true potential of your molecule, regardless of its complexity. By takingthe right steps through our broad portfolio and platform processes, we help advance your molecule to IND and beyond.
  • News Sustainability in pharmaceutical manufacturing: an expert panel discussion

    In this written panel discussion experts in manufacturing in the pharmaceutical supply chain comment on the manufacturing landscape, how sustainable practices are being incorporated more readily, the challenges associated with this and the overall advantages. 
  • Whitepaper Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing for Biopharma - Should I build or outsource

    A company’s strategy is crucial for determining future success, and therefore, it needs to constantly change in line with market dynamics. Although building in-house offer the advantage of direct control, the time, labor, and spend required to implement this often makes it the inefficient choice. From this whitepaper, you will learn about the parameters to consider when selecting a CDMO.
  • News Samsung Biologics invests in new plant to expand Bio Campus

    Samsung Biologics, the leading end-to-end CDMO, is set to start building a new plant based in North Korea, to expand its biomanufacturing capabilties. 
  • Video [Manifesto Film] Our Promise to Clients

    Manufacture The Future 

    Imagine a future

    Where ideas become cures

    A future 
    where innovation and technology 
    help pioneer endless possibilities 
    to make a lasting impact 

    A future
    Where efficiency meets expertise
    Collaboration enables customizationDedication empowers breakthroughs

    This is a place where we help your ingenuity 
    to build a better future

    A future we all want to live in.

    Samsung Biologics
  • News Samsung Biologics Awarded the Terra Carta Seal for Ensuring a Sustainable Future

    Samsung Biologics has been awarded The Terra Carta Seal from the sustainable markets initiative.
  • Webinar Build or Buy: What are The Key Considerations in Choosing the Right CDMO Partner?

    In recent years, the standardization of biologics manufacturing processes has given product developers multiple viable options for producing biologics. These options include building an in-house production system or partnering with a contract biologics manufacturer. Although building in-house does offer the advantage of direct control; the time, labor, and spend required to implement this often makes it the inefficient choice. On the other hand, working with an experienced contract manufacturer can help you save time and costs by leveraging a deep pool of industry experience. However, the process of selecting the right CDMO partner needs to be performed after careful analysis of many factors: any of which, if overlooked, can create risk of delay or cost overrun. In this session, we will discuss the key parameters that you can easily assess when choosing the right innovative CDMO partner that will keep you competitive in a rapidly evolving market.
  • News Opportunities and Challenges in the Biologics Space

    In this interview with Jimin Han, Director of Climate Change in Business Strategy Team at Samsung Biologics (Incheon, South Korea), we discuss trends in the global biologics market, the biggest opportunities and challenges for this sector, and the growing consciousness surrounding sustainable practices for biologics developers and manufacturers.
  • Webinar Why Biopharma CDMO Companies Must Transition with Long-Term Sustainability in Mind

    Today, leading companies are not only centered on creating values, but they also focus on developing strategies to foster a company's longevity. Therefore, many companies have become more engaged in sustainable activities to make progress and are now joining the race. Acknowledging the importance of sustainable development, Biopharma CDMO companies are also finding ways to show their best performances in sustainability.
    In this session, we will discuss the importance of why pharmaceutical CDMO companies should make their transition with long-term sustainability in mind. Explaining how the pharmaceutical industry (and innovative initiatives) should put effort into improving outcomes for patients, employees, the environment, and the wider community. Learn how Samsung Biologics, as one of the leading CDMO companies, is committed to making a sustainable future by creating ESG values through climate change responses, entry into the carbon neutral society, and transparency in the governance structure.
  • News The Korean biopharma market: Incentivizing innovation

    With new drug approvals hitting a record high in 2021 and unprecedented number of out-licensing deals closed in 2020, Korean pharmaceutical companies and CDMO’s are poised for significant market growth [i].

  • News Samsung Biologics and AstraZeneca expand manufacturing partnership to include COVID-19 and cancer therapies

    CDMO currently manufacturing LAAB combination treatment  and will start on cancer immunotherapy product from next year
  • News Samsung Biologics and Kineta strike cancer immunotherapy development and manufacturing deal

    Samsung to provide end-to-end CDMO services to advance Kineta's novel anti-VISTA antibody for the treatment of solid tumours
  • News COVID-19 has exacerbated contract manufacturing challenges but industry continues to respond well to crisis: experts

    Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated manufacturing capacity constraints, particularly in injectable dose and viral vector production, CPHI audience told