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We are a market-leading pharma and biotechnology company, based in Switzerland and operating around the world.
For over 30 years, we have been successfully developing, producing, and promoting APIs, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices in three specialized areas: ophthalmology, rheumatology, and neurology. Our medium-sized company backed up by an exclusive network of subsidiaries, agents, and partners makes us efficient and responsive in the market, with the ability to develop custom solutions for patients and partners. As a family firm from our foundation, we have s...

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Products from TRB Chemedica International SA (5)


    Product OSTENIL®

    OSTENIL® is a solution containing hyaluronic acid for injection into the joint cavity.
    OSTENIL® is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of osteoarthritis. It has been shown to reduce pain and stiffness in the affected joint and to improve joint function
    Pre-filled syringe to relieve pain in...
  • OSTENIL® mini

    Product OSTENIL® mini

    OSTENIL® mini is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of osteoarthritis in small synovial joints such as the carpometacarpal joint of the hand, the ankle joint, the temporomandibular joint and the facet joint of the spine. OSTENIL® MINI: pre-filled syringe to relieve pain induced by osteoarthritis....
  • OSTENIL® Plus

    Product OSTENIL® Plus

    OSTENIL® PLUS is a unique combination of natural high dose HA (2%) + mannitol.
    The formulation offers the possibility of reducing the number of intra-articular injections and increasing the intervals between injections.  OSTENIL® PLUS: pre-filled syringe to relieve pain induced by ...
  • OSTENIL® Tendon

    Product OSTENIL® Tendon

    OSTENIL® TENDON was developed to treat pain and restricted mobility in tendon disorders. It is a conservative treatment based on the biomechanical properties of hyaluronic acid.
    OSTENIL® TENDON is injected into the tendon sheath (intrasheath injection) or around the affected tendon (peritendinous i...
  • REMOGEN® Omega

    Product REMOGEN® Omega

    REMOGEN® OMEGA is indicated in case of ocular surface damage such as irritation, redness, burning, pain, dry eye, ocular fatigue and foreign body sensation.

    REMOGEN® OMEGA is an innovative patented preservative-free eye drop formulation of topical Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids...

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