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Tree of Life Pharma Ltd., founded in 2001, is a dynamic, advanced pharmaceutical and health products company. The company’s guiding principle of developing products based on cutting-edge knowledge has led, over the past two decades, to dozens of uniquely-formulated health products, some of them protected by international patents. Tree of Life Pharma develops and manages a wide array ...

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Products from Tree of Life Pharma Ltd (3)

  • GumiGel

    Product GumiGel

    Gumigel is a teething pain relieving mucoadhesive liquid, that transforms into gel, Containing Xlytol for prevention of tooth decay, Hyaluronic Acid as an anti-inflammatory polymer that adheres to the teeth and gums. This thermo-sensitive in-situ gel is administered in its liquid form and upon contac...
  • Aphthron

    Product Aphthron

    Mucoadhesive tablets for treatment of Aphthous Stomatitis
    Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (RAS) is among the most common painful oral conditions, with up to 66% of the world’s population affected. These wounds are often called canker sore.
    Aphthous Stomatitis causes small, painful benign ulcers ins...
  • ThroaTabs

    Product ThroaTabs

    Mucoadhesive tablets for throat ache relief. ThroaTabs are uniquely formulated, mucoadhesive tablets, which help ease throat aches and irritations for a long period of time.ThroaTabs contain Carrageenan as an anti-viral agent, Cinnamomum verum as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic ingredient and Hyaluro...