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27 Jun 2014

Ultra Small Batch Manufacture & R&D from Hosokawa Micron

Hosokawa Micron's new series of Picoline machines, developed for ultra small batch production of one to hundreds of grams of material, offers the widest wet and dry processing options for clinical trials or ultra small scale production available on the market. Meeting the demands of R&D departments, research institutes and those processing expensive materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients this unique equipment for size reduction, mixing, classifying and particle design is developed in miniature from existing and proven Hosokawa Micron technology.

The Picoline range comprises nine individual machines, which can all be fitted into the same compact operating housing. The range includes Picoplex based on the UPZ impact mill, Picozirk an impact classifier mill, Picosplit which is an ultrafine air classifier, Picojet based upon the well know AFG opposed jet mill with integral classifier for ultrafine grinding, Piconizer a spiral jet mill, based on the Alpine AS mill, Picocross a pin mill, Picoliq a wet agitated media mill , largely identical to the AHM mill, Picobond a high energy mixer largely identical to the Nobilta product line and Picomix a high performance batch mixer for dry powders. The flexibility of single housing and easily transposable machines is a major plus point.

Developed from established Hosokawa machines, transfer to volume production is straight forward, reliable and problem free enabling a swift route to market for new products under development. Suitable for bench top or housing in a fume cupboard or compact isolator the units are easy to clean and user friendly. Controlled by means of a touch panel with a microprocessor housed within the platform operating data, settings and system flowcharts etc can be displayed and transmitted to external printers, USB sticks or LMS systems.

A range of accessories for feeding, metering, for example, is also available.

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