UPM Raflatac is one of the world’s leading producers of self-adhesive label materials. As experts in pharmaceutical labeling, we understand the factors that influence label selection for pharmaceutical products. Produced from carefully selected materials, our range of pharmaceutical labels offer brands reliability, safety and performance required to meet strict regulatory compliance for a range of packaging types.

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Products from UPM RAFLATAC CHINA (4)

  • Sustainable labeling solutions

    Product Sustainable labeling solutions

    Even though all pharmaceutical packages can’t currently always be recycled, there is always a way to increase the sustainability of the package and cause less burden to the environment by choosing labels manufactured from renewable or recycled raw materials, or solutions that are resource optimized and...
  • Enhancing pharmaceutical product security

    Product Enhancing pharmaceutical product security

    Labels designed to help improve product safety with effective tamper evident solutions, simple implementation and seamless packaging design.

  • Migration safe pharmaceutical labels

    Product Migration safe pharmaceutical labels

    Pharmaceutical packaging is held to a much higher standard than in other packaging industries. It must enclose and protect the product, ensure its stability and guarantee its delivery.  Medical packaging is often the first point of information for consumers and healthcare workers. Labels play an ...
  • Pharmaceutical label change management

    Product Pharmaceutical label change management

    Change management is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Unforeseen changes in raw materials or the packaging of pharmaceutical products can potentially cause unintended effects on product performance or safety, even creating potential risks to patient health and brand security. Even if changes would...


  • Brochure Guide to sustainable labeling for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications

    How can label choices enhance packaging sustainability?Patient safety and regulations have been the key drivers for the design of pharmaceutical packaging materials, but there is a growing need for the industry to ensure that packaging is also environmentally sustainable. 

    Packaging sustainability can be improved through two key ways. Switching to reduced, recycled and renewable label materials and choosing label solutions that support packaging recyclability and reuse. 

    Download the guide and learn how to meet corporate sustainability targets without compromising product safety or functionality. 

    In the sustainable pharmaceutical labeling guide:- Recycling of pharmaceutical packages
    - Label recommendations for different packaging types
    - Innovative labeling materials that can help ensure your packaging is environmentally sustainable
    - Services that help you optimize your labels for a smarter future beyond fossils
  • Whitepaper Migration safe pharmaceutical labels improve product safety

    Low-performance labels that create leachable chemical compounds may fail testing or perform poorly across your pharmaceutical product’s lifecycle, resulting in significant launch delays or costly recalls.

    This white paper created by pharmaceutical packaging experts walks you through the key steps in ensuring migration-safe packaging and labels.
    Learn in this comprehensive white paper:
    What is primary, secondary, and tertiary pharmaceutical packaging?
    Glass vs. plastic packaging - what are the pros & cons?
    What key regulations for pharmaceutical packaging must I take into account?
    How and why can label materials leach into packaging forms?
    What drug packaging does the FDA classify as high-risk for leaching?
    How can I streamline packaging testing to speed up product launches?
    What industry best practices should I adhere to, such as change management procedures?
  • Webinar Managing risks in pharmaceutical and healthcare labeling

    Pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging labels play a critical role in a drug or medicine’s journey from manufacturing to patient administration. Watch our webinar to learn more about how to proactively manage the risks that come with selecting pharma labeling. You will learn more about:

    The effects of using standard labels vs pharmaceutical grade labelsRegulatory complianceSupply security and second specificationSustainability