Urologicals Companies (5)

Urologicals Products (5)

  • Product Testoki 1000/4 ml - Testosterone Undecanoate Injection

    Infertility treatment in Men or Testosterone Deficiency
  • Product ellura®

    Ellura® capsules, Traditional Herbal Medicine, contain 36 mg of cranberry proanthocyanidins (PACs) extracted from the juice. This quantity of 36 mg PACs, measured by the DMAC method, has shown to be both necessary and also a guarantee to maintain a healthy urinary tract. The efficacy of "one capsule a day"...
  • Product Soluro® Akut

    Soluro® Akut is for acute lower urinary tract infections like cystitis and urethritis. The fast-acting sachet form contains high dosage of active ingredients that are included in 2022 European Association of Urology guidelines and immediately decrease the first symptoms&n...
  • Product Promotil Men

    Promotil Men is a safe and effective way to support male reproductive health and sperm quality by providing the nutrients needed for developing sperm.

    Promotil Men contains clinically proven ingredients like L Carnitine-Carnipure “2000 mg”,L-Arginine “500 mg”, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, Co-Enzym Q10...
  • Product Lactogyn

    Lactogyn® is aiming at women with vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis. The probiotic mix used in the product allows, through oral intake, to decrease the bacterial vaginosis recurrences in women.A double-blind, randomized, multi-centered, prospective, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study h...

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