This is more than just a slogan for us, it is the focus of our actions and the commitment we bring to our product and service portfolio. 
Preservatives have negative effects on the microbiome, can damage human epithelial cells and are known to cause various allergic reactions. Our mission is to support the global healthcare industry to avoid preservatives by developing and distributing dosage systems for preservative-free applications as well as finished products.

3K and COMFORT stand for safety a...

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Products from URSATEC GmbH (5)

  • 3K®-SYSTEM

    Product 3K®-SYSTEM

    The non-airless dosage system for dispensing liquid pharmaceutical or cosmetic formulations
    3K = triple protection against microbiological contamination: • Bacteriostatic surfaces • Microbiological tight closing valve • Air purifying filter Both a microbiologically tightly closing valve&n...
  • COMFORT®-system

    Product COMFORT®-system

    The airless dosage system for dispensing very sensitive liquid or semi-solid pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic formulations
    Like the 3K-system, the COMFORT-system permits avoiding any kind of preservatives, even after the product has been opened, as the special design of the system prevents contami...
  • Melatonin Products

    Product Melatonin Products

    Mouth & Throat Spray with Melatonin

    Lozenges with Melatonin

    100% free from preservatives
  • Nasal Spray with Trehalose

    Product Nasal Spray with Trehalose

    Decongestion & protection in case of allergic and non-allergic rhinitis and rhinosinusitis • Decongests the nasal mucosa on a natural way • Promotes the drainage of secretions and flushes out excess mucous, along with allergens, dirt, viruses, and bacteria • Opens the paranasal sinuses and reduces he...
  • Mouth and Throat Spray with Trehalose

    Product Mouth and Throat Spray with Trehalose

    Relief & protection in case of allergies and common cold • Helps to reduce typical allergic symptoms in mouth and throat like sore throat or itchy palate • Relieves cold symptoms, such as hoarseness, sore throat, coughing or difficulty in swallowing • Reduces the risk of bacterial and viral infection...

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