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Utopia pharma is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market since 2008, during 11 years Utopia rank is 33 between more than 1000 company in the Egyptian market through 42 product, most of them is market leader or from the top 3.
Our Vision "To be an ideal company by providing high quality pharmaceutical products and services on scientific and ethical bases".
Our Mission "To be added value to the society by providing pharmaceutical products of high quality which guarantee peter life for patient, ideal work atmosphere to our employees and gaining trust of our partner".

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Products from Utopia

  • Alkapride

    Product Alkapride

    Active ingredient : Itopride HCL 50 mg

    Dosage form
    Film coated tablet 


    Indication :
    Functional dyspepsia 
    Early fullness & indigestion
    Gastroparesis (diabetes– postsurgical)
    Acid related disorder & Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease
    Irritable bowel syndrome & constipation.
  • Blokatens

    Product Blokatens

    Active ingredient 
    Valsartan/Amlodipine Besylate   5/80 mg , 5/160 mg  , 10/160 mg
    Dosage Form : 
    film coated tablet 

    Category :
    Calcium channel blocker & angiotensin receptor blocker

    Indication :
    Management all grades of Hypertension
  • Delendrozen

    Product Delendrozen

    Active ingredient : Alendronate 70mg/ Vitamin D 5600IU

    Dosage Form : 
    film coated tablet 

    Indication :
    Post menopausal
  • Downoprazol

    Product Downoprazol

    Active ingredient 
    omeprazole + sodium bicarbonate 
    Dosage Form : 
    Hard gelatin capsule & Sachet 6 gm for suspension

    Category :
    Antacid , Proton pump inhibitor

    Indication :
    Heart burn
    Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
    Peptic ulcer
    Nocturnal reflux
    Risk reduction of GI bleeding
  • Downsterolin

    Product Downsterolin

    Active ingredient : Simvastatin  / Ezetimibe 20/10 , 40/10 mg

    Dosage Form : 
    Film coated tablet 

    Category :
    statins - lipid lowering agent

    Indication :
  • Duloxeprin

    Product Duloxeprin

    Active ingredient : Duloxetine HCL 30,60mg

    Dosage Form : 
    Hard gelatin capsule

    Category :
    selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor 

    Indication :
    Central analgesic
    Peripheral Diabetic neuropathy 
    Chronic musculoskeletal pain (Low Back pain - Chronic Osteoarthritis)
    Depression & anxiety disorder
  • Geskaprofen

    Product Geskaprofen

    Active ingredient : Dexketoprofen trometamol 

    Dosage Form : 
    film coated tablet

    Category :

    non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

    Indication :
    Pain analgesic anti inflammatory  antipyretic
    Dental pain & muscular pain & menstrual pain
  • Itrafungex

    Product Itrafungex

    Active ingredient : Itraconazole 100mg 
    Dosage Form : Capsule 

    Indication :
    Vaginal candidiasis
    Tinea versicolorTinea Corporis
    Tinea Cruris
    Tinea Pedis
    Onychomycosis Finger nail & Toe Nail
  • Levohistam

    Product Levohistam

    Active ingredient : Levocetirizine hydrochloride 

    Dosage Form :
    Film coated tablet  , Syrup , Drops 

    Category :

    Indication : 
    Allergic rhinitis 
    common cold symptoms (sneezing, Rhinorrhea, Itchy eye, Itchy Nose & Nasal Congestion)
    Urticaria, Rash , Pruritus
  • Monohexal

    Product Monohexal

    Active ingredient : Dried ivy leaf extract 45mg/5ml

    Dosage Form : 
    Natural cough syrup

    Indication :
    Cough due to acute respiratory tract inflammation
    Symptomatic treatment of chronic inflammatory bronchial diseases
  • Moxavidex

    Product Moxavidex

    Active ingredient

    Category :
    Antibiotics 3rd generation fluoroquinolone

    Dosage Form
    film coated tablet 

    Indication :
    Respiratory tract infection
    Skin & soft tissue infection
    Odontogenic infection
    Intra-abdominal infections 

  • Nanazoxid

    Product Nanazoxid

    Active ingredient :Nitazoxanide
    Dosage Form : 
    Film coated tablet  & Powder for suspension

    Category :
    antiprotozoal - Anti-infective

    Indication :
    GIT anti-infective in Amoebiasis and giardiasis

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