We are kind to introduce our company to you. As the ONLY pharmaceutical manufacturer with official approval number in China, we are specialized in producing API named TRIMEBUTINE MALEATE and its intermediates such as trimebutine base and trimebutine butanol//pheny1-2-Demethyl-Amino-2-Butanol with more than 40 years' experience. The specification we can provide are JP16, JPC2002, KPCIII and in-house. Based on a certificate of GMP, documentation of DMF with EU CTD format is available; Accreditation Certificate no. of Foreign Drug Manufacturer in Japan is AG10500211. Now both JDMF and KDMF certificates are available. At present, our products are exported worldwide and have gained a good reputation. At the same time, we manufacture about 160 kinds of finished products in 7 dose types containing intravenous injection, tablet, capsule, tincture, granule, oral liquid and ingredient. All workshops are GMP-certificated. If our products fall into your interests, please feel free to contact us at any time. Any of your inquiries will be highly appreciated!

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