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Yizheng City East Chemical Co Ltd, is a ISO9001-2000 and ISO14000 certified company with over 20 years export experience, which is also as a custom processing plant and specialized in nitration, oxidation, deoxidization, ester, hydrolyze, diazotization, bromination, chlorination, format reaction, F-C reaction and all sorts of condensation reaction. Different series of products can be provided in our factory:
1.Benzaldehyde series: O-Nitro benzaldehye; M-Nitro benzaldehyde; P-Nitro benzaldhyde etc.;
2.Ester series: P-Nitro benzyl acetoacetate; Malonic acid mono-p-nitrobenzyl ester; Ethyl 2-Chloro-5-nitrobenzoate etc.
3. Benzyl alcohol series: O-Nitrobenzyl alcohol; P-Nitrobenzyl alcohol; M-Nitrobenzyl alcohol; M-Amino benzyl alcohol; P-Nitrobenzyl bromide etc.
4.Benzoic acid series: M-Nitrobenzoic acid; Sodium M-Nitrobenzoate etc.
5.Heterocyclic series: 7-Chloro quinaldine; N-Chloro succinimide; N-Bromo succinimide; N[(1,4-Benzodioxane-2-yl)carboxy]piperazine hydrochloride etc.
6.Others: 4-Nitroimidazole; M-Nitrobenzonitrile; 3-Aminobenzonitrile.

Our flagship products as follows: a)O-Nitro benzaldehyde --- the largest manufacturer in China, with capacity of 40 tons/month;
b)P-Nitro benzyl alcohol --- the largest manufacturer in China, with capacity of 40 tons/month;
c)M-Nitro benzaldehyde --- with capacity of 30 tons/month; Looking forward to your inquiry.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Asia; North America; Central/South America
Primary business activity Exporter; Manufacturer
Affiliated categories: Custom Manufacturing/Exclusive Synthesis of Fine Chemicals |Intermediates, Fine and Specialty Chemicals |APIs More

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Yizheng East Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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