APISystems Sp. z o. o. is a company offering the latest solutions in the field of Industrial Informatics, mechanical engineering and production sites.  We form a group of experts dealing with the complex investment implementation. We offer high quality services. Every day we support our clients with knowledge and experience. We treat our clients as partners for long-term cooperation. Over 11 years of operation, we have completed over 300 projects in the field of Industrial Informatics and production automation. Since 2011, we have been a Wonderware Certified System Integrator. We run projects in Polish, English and German. MISSION: Achieve the leading position in Europe as the Wonderware Integrator System. POLICY:Provide the highest quality offer for the industry.Maintain good relations with partners. Get new knowledge and competences every day. Be ready for new challenges, join new markets and industries. Run the company so that employees eagerly come to work.

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Western Europe; Eastern Europe

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