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  • Product MAST® Autosampling Solution

    A Versatile & Modality-Agnostic Aseptic Autosampling Solution for Reliable On-Line and Near Real-Time Sample Analysis  
  • Product Millistak+® HC Pro Synthetic Depth Filter

    Millistak+® HC Pro (high-capacity synthetic media) is a family of synthetic depth filters providing a cleaner and more consistent depth filtration media over current diatomaceous earth (DE) and cellulose (CE) based filter offerings. Multiple media grades are available for primary and secondary clarificatio...
  • Product Catalyx OpenBIO® Bioreactor Product Family

    Catalyx OpenBIO® Bioreactor Product Family

    The OpenBIO Product Family is designed to be the high functioning centerpiece of your laboratory, process development, and manufacturing operations. With a focus on recipe-based operations and connectivity, scaleup and tech transfer is v...
  • Product Silicone tubes & Hoses

    Platinum cured silicone tubes, peroxide cured silicone tubs, reinforced hoses, TPE tubes, FEp tubes and many more
  • Product Specialty Cell Culture Media, Cell Lines and Contract Services for Baculovirus Expression Vector Systems

    Expression Systems, now an Advancion company, is dedicated to supplying and servicing the cell culture and bio-industrial markets with innovative cell culture media formulations, as well as cell lines, molecular tools, reagents, and contract services. The company specializes in the baculovirus expression v...
  • Product 4000-LC Series Controller Rate Chamber

    FARRAR™ pioneered forced air convection cooling to answer the challenge of preserving biologic samples and materials. The Controlled Rate Chamber (model 4000-LC series) features a 12-inch HMI screen with graphical display of chamber and product temperature. The unit provides repeatable, precise, ...
  • Product Automatic Chromatography Column

    Truking Technology Ltd provides wide range of pharmaceutical machineries which includes automatic dosing system. Features: with advanced processing equipment and mature production process, the main configuration (such as pipe fittings, pumps, valves, filters, instrumentation, plc, etc.) Are used world-clas...
  • Product Liraglutide API Technology

    AVVA Pharmaceuticals is seeking partners to license it’s developed API manufacturing technology recombinant Liraglutide. This technology encompasses many improvements vs the originator for the production of a cost competitive medicine. Technical support could be provided for the FDF stage
  • Product Wireless Glove Integrity Tester GIT WLAN

    • Data are wirelessly transmitted to the PC • In-situ testing without removal of the gloves • Multiple gloves can be tested simultaneously • Test reports are automatically generated • RFID chipset, recognize glove number automatically • Built-in battery and pump, no need for external air so...
  • Product Bio process lines

    Our focus in biotechnological processes lies in vaccines, plasma fractionation and biosimilars. Pharmaceutical production of biological origin is complex. It requires the integration of various equipmentand/or specific systems that guarantee that the process is consistent and safe during all phases:UPSTREA...

    The biotechnology sector is one of the application areas where continuous and frequent developments result in higher material requirements.

    Today, flexible polymer single-use systems are replacing traditional glass and stainless steel in applications like meida storage bags, bioreactors, mixing vess...
  • Product Custom Protein Synthesis

    We provide a Custom Protein Synthesis Service, using a chemical method that synthesises proteins amino acid by amino acid and making modifications on an atomic-scale. We work closely with our partners in designing, customising and optimising the proteins that is synthesized in an automa...
  • Product Ultimus® Film

    An innovative single-use film offering strength and leak resistance for your toughest liquid bioprocessing applications. Ultimus® film provides enhanced bag strength, improved durability and leak resistance through a novel strength layer reinforced by woven nylon. The inert fluid contact layer promotes hea...
  • Product Novaseptum® SURe Sterile Sampling Assemblies

    A single-use sterile sampling assembly that takes representative samples while protecting your bioprocess from cross-contamination. NovaSeptum® SURe sampling assemblies can be easily integrated into your single-use manufacturing process. Available in five popular container formats and with two connect...
  • Product Mobius iFlex® Bioreactor

    The next generation of high performance single-use modular bioreactors for fed-batch and perfusion processes
  • Product ProCellics™ Raman Analyzer with Bio4C® PAT Raman Software

    An Easy-to-Use GMP Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Platform to Monitor Cell Cultures In-Line and in Real-Time, from Process Development to Manufacturing
  • Product Pellicon® Capsules with Ultracel® Membrane

    Accelerate your therapy using our innovative single-use tangential flow filters with superior flux performance. Ideal for single-use tangential flow filtration (TFF), Pellicon® Capsules provide high flux and linear scalability in a plug ‘n play format for optimum process flexibility and productivity. Pelli...
  • Product MilliStak+® Depth Filters

    Innovative, High-Performance Pod Filters are Ideal for Primary and Secondary Clarification in Lab, Pilot and Process-scale Applications. Millistak+® depth filter media is offered in a scalable, disposable format: the Pod Filter System. 
  • Product Natrix® Q Chromatography Membrane

    Natrix® Q Chromatography Membrane for single-use, scalable purification, Natrix® chromatography membrane is a high capacity, high throughput strong anion exchange device designed to purify biomolecules. It combines the capacity of high performing resins with the exceptional flow properties of chromatograph...
  • Product Cellicon® Cell Retention Solution for Process Scale

    Increase Your Bioreactor Productivity with our superior solution for upstream process intensification. In combination with your bioreactor, the Cellicon® Cell Retention Solution allows you to achieve significantly higher viable cell densities, improving your upstream productivity and manufacturing flexibil...

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