Product description

Fields of Application: Parkinson's disease. Carbidopa, an aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase inhibitor, which does not cross the blood-brain barrier, is routinely administered in combination with levodopa to patients with Parkinson’s disease to reduce the peripheral decarboxylation of levodopa to dopamine.
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Model CEP, DMF
Categories APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
Sales markets Middle East Region (e.g. UAE); Oceania; North America (USA, Canada); Africa; Central America (e.g. Mexico); East Asia (e.g. China, Japan, Korea); Europe - EU countries; Europe - non EU (e.g. UK, Russia, ex-CIS countries); South America (e.g. Brazil, Colombia); South Asia (e.g. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka); South East Asia (e.g. Thailand, Philippines, Singapore)
Supplied from Switzerland
Measured In piece
Selling Points Brand Name; Experienced Technicians; International Approvals/Standards; Place of Origin; Prompt Delivery; Quality Service; Reputation

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