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When Temperature Matters - CAVU Group revolutionizes the approach to temperature technologies by providing innovative solutions.  Our brands consist of American Thermal Instruments (ATI) and Microtek Laboratories where ATI offers both chemical and electronic temperature monitoring devices and software that allow you to track the temperature of your critical shipments through your supply chain process.  Microtek provides phase change material and thermal management solutions in various forms to enhance consumer comfort and increase your products performance through the packaging and supply chain process.  

From temperature management to thermal monitoring solutions, we help you create the ideal environment throughout your product's lifecycle.

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Products from CAVU Group (3)

  • Color-Changing Indicators

    Product Color-Changing Indicators

    Pressure-sensitive labels that allow you to know if your product or shipments has been exposed to critical temperatures. The center dot turns a different color when the temperature threshold has been met to allow you to know quickly that product may be affected. These are highly used in Medical Device and Lif...
  • Electronic Temperature Monitoring

    Product Electronic Temperature Monitoring

    Electronic indicators and temperature data loggers that let you set up to 8 time and temperature alarms. You can easily tell if a temperature has been met through LED lights or an LCD screen. Extensive temperature data can be pulled from the device to let you know when the critical temperature threshold was r...
  • Thermal Management Solutions

    Product Thermal Management Solutions

    We manufacture a wide variety of thermal management solutions including phase change material (PCM) blends in temperatures from -30°C to 65°C, microencapsulated PCMs in temperatures from -10°C to 43°C, as well pouches, panels, gels, and other forms. Through partnerships, we developed customized solutions to e...

CAVU Group Resources (3)

  • News Safely Transport Samples to the Point of Care

    With Thermal Management on the go solutions from CAVU Group, safely transport samples to the point of care.  The prote-go sample carrier allows your sales professionals to safely transport temperature-sensitive samples to doctors offices throughout their busy day while keeping accurate product protection.  
  • Brochure CAVU Group Brochure

    Our solutions - Temperature Monitoring & Thermal Management 
  • Webinar On-Demand Webinar: 3 Packaging Mistakes Disrupting Your Supply Chain

    On the continuous search for a sustainable temperature-controlled packaging solution?  By taking matters into our own hands, we have revolutionized ways to reuse packaging materials for your products.  Join us and our industry expert friends as we share how we’re merging the need for an eco-friendly solution that will protect your temperature-sensitive products.