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  • Product Pharmatching – Upgrade your TechOps procurement

    Pharma companies that lead the way in transforming TechOps procurement will gain significant advantages in cost and risk management. These benefits will extend beyond individual companies to the entire pharma industry. But how can you get started on this transformation? Pharmatching is a single platfo...
  • Product UPS Cold Chain Freight Forwarding Capabilities

    Cold Chain Freight Forwarding

    Whether you are shipping pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, or medical devices, we offer freight forwarding services to fit a range of temperature and transportation speed requirements.

    Cold Chain Air and Ocean Freight Service Levels: q...
  • Product PHSE ITALY

    • Dedicated TCV network for domestic Pharmaceutical distribution24hr operations 7 days per week, 365 days per year • 13 GDP compliant warehouses throughout the country • Walk in cold chain facilities for high volume supply of temperature controlled      • packaging • Global b...
  • Product UPS® Premier

    Critical healthcare goods can bring patients new hope. But only if they arrive on time and intact. UPS Premier upgrades small packages with advanced sensor technology that ensures a priority lane in our network with highly specialized handling with enhanced visibility and control along the way.

  • Product UPS Cold Chain Packaging

    Customized cold chain packaging solutions for temperature-sensitive shipments

    Packaging Consulting Services

    We can help you select specialized Cold Chain Packaging and monitoring technology solutions and develop packaging strategies that get you effective thermal...
  • Product UPS Cold Chain Solutions

    UPS Cold Chain Solutions is purpose-built to provide pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and laboratories a full, end-to-end cold chain service offering, including storage and distribution, transportation, visibility, and quality assurance capabilities to meet their complex demands for criti...
  • Product Gene Therapy Commercial Packaging

    As a leading commercial packaging provider with 70 years of managing complex pharmaceutical packaging requirements, there is no one better to trust with your low-volume, high-value gene therapy. We are engineered to deliver the specialist services you require, offering you the best blend of both clinical...
  • Product va-Q-proof

    • Two qualified performance levels without payload according to ISTA 7D (summer & winter profile): Standard with true 96h and more & Premium with true 168h and more • 7 qualified temperature ranges from -80 °C to +25 °C available (as low as -60 °C without dry ice) • Comprehensive 11 size box por...
  • Product va-Q-one

    • Designed for transport to remote locations • Qualified performance with minium payload according to ISTA 7D (summer & winter profile): True 96h and more • 4 qualified temperature ranges from -80 °C to +25 °C available (as low as -25 °C without dry ice) • Comprehensive 5 size box portfolio from 4 ...
  • Product va-Q-tainer

    • Door-to-door solution for an unbroken TempChain • Qualified performance without payload at ambient temperature of 30 °C and 0 °C: True 120h and more • 7 qualified temperature ranges from -80 °C to +25 °C available (as low as -60 °C without dry ice) • Comprehensive 4 size container portfolio from 1 Eu...
  • Product PHARMA-BOX smart thermal containter

    PHARMA-BOX Smart thermal containter with cooling/heating system for the safe transport temperature-sensitive products in conditions from -10°C to +25°C.

    All models come with LCD touch screen to read and adjusts temperature set point in the PHARMA-BOX. PharmaSense's built-in thermostat controls its...
  • Product PHARMALOGGER system for monitoring temperature and relative humidity

    PHARMALOGGER is not just a system for accurate laboratory measurements and controlling temperature and humidity. PHARMALOGGER is a chain providing confidence to the manufacturer, distributor, pharmacy and, most importantly, to the satisfied customer. It ensures automatic, reliable and continuous monitor...
  • Product PHARMA-STANDALONE transport monitoring system

    PHARMA-STANDALONE ensure that temperature conditions are maintained within acceptable limits during transport. The measuring PHARMALOGGER Probe is connected to a PHARMA-STANDALONE console with a touch screen, a thermal printer and three basic buttons for start logging, delivery mark and print temperatur...
  • Product Cell & Gene Therapy Solutions

    CSafe’s Cell & Gene supply chain portfolio mitigates the risk of real-world distribution with features designed to improve product handling and unforeseen service disruptions. With your commercialization process in mind, we have developed specific features for this solution to meet the rigorous cell &a...
  • Product Parcel Solutions

    CSafe Parcel solutions deliver uncompromising thermal protection to transport temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics around the world. Our parcel portfolio includes packaging to ship and hand carry pharmaceuticals as well as mobile refrigeration/freezing. 

    - Parcel Boxes
    - Couri...
  • Product Air Cargo Solutions

    CSafe Global’s Air Cargo fleet includes thousands of the best performing RKNs and RAPs in the industry supported by 24/7 customer and technical service. Combined with our industry-leading Preventive Maintenance Rebuild program and fully-integrated artificial intelligence platform, CSafe offers customers a ...
  • Product TempTale® GEO Ultra

    The TempTale® GEO Ultra is a global, real-time IoT device that delivers end-to-end real-time shipment location with validated temperature monitoring, key to logistics and quality departments. This device is designed for air transport and multimodal shipments powered by an alkaline battery.
  • Product TempTale® GEO Ultra Dry Ice Probe

    The TempTale® GEO Ultra Dry Ice Probe is a global, real-time IoT device that delivers end-to-end real-time shipment location with validated temperature monitoring, key to logistics and quality departments. This device is perfect for very low temperatures down to -95°C to maintain product stability, mon...
  • Product ColdStream Site

    ColdStream® Site Stationary Monitoring is a wireless solution that automates monitoring of temperature, humidity and condition of controlled environments for life sciences manufacturing, packaging/repackaging, laboratories, clinical pharmacies, retail pharmacies, incubators, wholesalers, distributers, an...
  • Product State-of-the-Art Depot Facilities

    •  Pro-active and flexible system of project management
    •  Comprehensive reporting system
    •  Additional labeling
    •  Returns/recalls
    •  All temperature-controlled regimes
    •  Temperature and humidity monitoring system

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