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  • Product Biologic drug substance CDMO services

    From pre-clinical development to commercial supply, Patheon by Thermo Fisher Scientific is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of mammalian cell culture drug substances. Patheon offers biotech and pharmaceutical companies the ability to pursue opportunities around the globe with a fully i...

    KD Pharma is a contract manufacturer that develops products in the pharmaceutical space by employing state-of-the-art technology. Since its inception in 1988, KD Pharma has focused on utilizing cutting edge technologies to develop and manufacture exceptional quality APIs. These twin pillars of technology a...
  • Product QACS Pharmaceutical services

    QACS Lab is GMP/GLP certified and provides contract laboratory testing for Pharmaceuticals. Methodologies stay in accordance with EMA & FDA. QACS is equipped with Microbiological - Chemical - Molecular - Packaging laboratory premises to provide variety of Pharmaceutical testing solutions &...
  • Product Custom Bonding and Chromatography Resins for Small and Large Molecule Purification

    Grace offers high quality chromatography silica resins with a wide range of pore diameters, particle sizes, and chromatography phases. We provide custom bonding of silica (30Å-4500Å; 5µm to 200µm) for different reversed and normal phases, ion exchange, and other chemistries. We develop and manufacture ...
  • Product Analytical package

    Xedev provides wide range of analytical tools which includes : • Solid state analysis: mDSC, XRPD, PLM, TGA, FTIR, RAMAN • Powder characterisation : SEM, PSD (both wet and dry), flowability • Tablet characterisation : Friability, disintegration, hardness • Residual solvent determination : KF, LOD o...
  • Product Diaion, Relisorb, Relizyme

    Diaion: Ion-Exchange/Adsorbent/Chelating resins for solid phase extraction and purifications

    Relisorb: Resins for ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction and affinity chromatography

    Relizyme: Resins for enzymes immobilization 
  • Product Praesto Agarose Chromatography resins

    Ion exchange chromatography (IEX) separates proteins and other biomolecules based on their charge. IEX resins have charged functional groups that bind molecules with an opposite charge. Bound molecules are most commonly eluted by an ascending salt gradient. Alternatively, a shift in pH that changes...
  • Product Automated Total Nitrosamine Analyser

    • Reaching low detection limits is essential for accurate nitrosamine analysis. The Automated Total Nitrosamine Analyser is sensitive enough to detect down to 1 ppb of NDMA. • The Automated Total Nitrosamine Analyser can analyse up to 10 samples per hour.  Using this as a tool to screen samples for ...
  • Product SMART Chromatography columns

    Apply your cell-containing feed-stream directly on the column for primary capture. No clarification step required.
  • Product iUHPLC / HPLC 3000 PLUS

    3000plus autosampler delivers high injection accuracy of 0.3% RSD, thanks to its high precision machining parts and advanced control algorithm. It also employ a design of changeable sampling loop, which extend linearity range and meet the need of more applications
  • Product HPLC columns, Impurity isolation or purification using Preparative HPLC, Structure elucidation

    HPLC column manufactured under brands such as Intsil, Kromsil, Hysil which can replace favourably replace regular brands but at 30% lower prices. We also supply large range of product related to HPLC & Analytical labs including HPLC accessories, D2 lamps, GC columns etc..Service include Impurity Isolat...
  • Product Ghost-Buster

    Welch Ghost-Buster column can efficiently adsorb and remove the impurities from the mobile phase to eliminate their interference to the target peaks. 
  • Product Aa consumables

    Shimadzu analytical (i) pvt ltd offers a wide range of products which includes aa consumables. It belongs to columns and consumables category. Contact us for more information
  • Product Manish Goda.

    a) Chromatography Supplies (Auto sampler Vials / caps & Septas)b) Laboratory Glass Syringesc) Liquid Handling.d) Laboratory Glasswaree) Glass Micro capillaries
  • Product Core Technologies and Services

    • API / GMP Manufacturing • Rapid Process Development, Flawless Upscaling, and Economy of Scale-Production  • Simulated-Moving Bed (SMB) Chromatography  • Heterocyclic, Hazardous and Malodorous Chemistries • Organometallic and Cryogenic Chemistry • Transition-Metal Catalysis • High-Pressur...
  • Product Fine Chemicals


    Special Technologies
    • High-pressure reactions up to 64 bar: H2, CO, NH3, Amines, CO2 • Cryogenic: -80°C • Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC), Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMB)  • Ultra low vacuum distillation  • ...
  • Product Nitrosamine Detection

    We provide Method Development and Method Validation for new analytical methods or Method Transfer for Routine Testing according to existing validated methods for raw materials and final products. QACS is GMP/GLP certified.
    • performed with UPL...

    Ion Chromatography is one of the most important methods for the determination of alkaline, alkaline earth and transition metals, inorganic anions, sulfuric compounds of different oxidation levels, organic acids, and various tensides. Indeed, for aqueous solutions Ion Chromatography is one of the most sensi...
  • Product Ultisil

    Ultisil Series HPLC Columns based on Ultra Pure (purity>99.999%) spherical and totally porous silica, adopted unique bonding chemistry and proprietary surface modification technique, which provide excellent peak shape, column efficiency and exceptional lot-to-lot reproducibility. Ultisil Column is the b...
  • Product Daicel Chiral Technologies

    Daicel Chiral Technologies is the world’s most trusted source of chiral chromatography solutions for optical isomer separation. Our extensive and expanding portfolio of chiral stationary phases are the first choice of pharmaceutical R&D and production teams and academic researchers worldwide for un...

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