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Vivian Xie
28 Nov 2022

CPHI Frankfurt 2022: Innovator Interviews – Bioiberica 

In this series of interviews, we speak to the companies on the CPHI Frankfurt show floor who are driving innovation in pharma for a better healthcare future. We caught up with Mónica Gómez Navarro (Marketing Manager Branded Ingredients), Adriana Olivares (Communications Director), and Maria Vilaro (Strategic Marketing & Product Manager) of Bioiberica to discuss the company’s recent ventures into new health initiatives and expanding pharmaceutical and nutraceutical portfolio. 

​​This year at CPHI Frankfurt, Bioiberica showcased its capabilities and innovative products with an impressive booth in Hall 12. As a company focussed on the production of biologically-derived molecules and a world leader in the manufacturing of heparin, Gómez highlighted some of the work Bioiberica has done since its inception: “Bioiberica offers a line of biologically derived APIs and ​health ​ingredients for the ​pharmaceutical and ​nutraceutical industr​ies​. We have been working with these ingredients for more than 45 years now​.​​ 

​​With several business units spanning human health, animal health, and plant health, Bioiberica boasts the position as a world leading heparin API manufacturing in addition to its specialisation in biologically-derived APIs and branded nutraceutical ingredients for human health. ​In the field of nutraceuticals, we ​are boosting our ​line of​ science backed ​ branded ingredients​ by entering into ​​     ​two new health areas. Initially, the company was focussed on joint health​ and mobility​ as a therapeutic field. This year, we have launched two new areas: skin and beauty​ and digestive health​​.​” 

When asked about Bioiberica’s interests in adding these fields to its portfolio, Gómez replied: “Skin and​ beauty ​is a growing area, with more and more consumers taking care of their skin health not only through their diet but also by taking dietary supplements and health products. Digestive health is also a growing area in terms of ​consumer interest. ​We see more and more companies innovating ​with ​dietary supplements to meet these growing interests.” 

We were joined later by Vilaro who, along with Gómez, expanded on the new ingredients Bioiberica brought to CPHI Frankfurt. “The new ingredient we launched for digestive health is called DAOgest - ​a high-quality DAO enzyme that can be used to develop targeted solutions ​​to aid in ​​the management of histamine intolerance, a ​​condition​​ associated with impaired dietary histamine metabolism​,” Vilaro explained. “DAOgest is the ​supplement ingredient​​ ​for those who have intolerances towards foods​ & beverages containing​​ ​histamine, ​such as cured meats, aged cheese, tomatoes, citrus fruits, chocolate, seafood and alcoholic beverages​. ​These individuals have a deficiency of DAO activity and do not have the ability to digest histamine in their ​​small intestines where endogenous DAO is active. DAO​​ enzyme​​ supplementation increases the levels of DAO in the gut and subsequent DAO activity. This enables the breakdown of histamine from food and beverages to decrease histamine levels in the body and ultimately ​​alleviate​​​ ​the symptoms of histamine intolerance​.” Vilaro gave context to the issues those with histamine intolerances might face: “​There are many symptoms associated with histamine intolerance such as gastrointestinal issues, headache, runny nose, hives, itching, flushing and asthma. ​A histamine-free diet is very complicated and restrictive – we need a ​complementary ​solution for these individuals.” 

Next, Gómez gave an overview of Dermial®, Bioiberica’s latest ingredient launched as part of its new health focus on skin health and beauty. “It is a hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient​ that​ ​has ​a unique composition of naturally occurring components, containing more than 60% hyaluronic acid, other glycosaminoglycans, and collagen. This matrix has demonstrated superior effects compared to the standard fermentation-origin hyaluronic acid. It’s able to ​improve ​hydration of the skin, increase elasticity and firmness, and it has proven regenerative effects.” 

With sustainability at the centre of every aspect of CPHI Frankfurt, Olivares also highlighted several proactive measures that Bioiberica has taken with the objective to become a ​​zero-waste company. “One of our main achievements is that we are a circular economy company. This company has over 45 years of experience – this means that we are experts in making the most out of the raw materials use for the pharmaceutical industry. These co-products are reduced in order to produce feed for the animal industry, as well as ​biostimulants​ for plant health products. Bioiberica is a pioneer of this concept of a circular economy company.” 

Finally, with CPHI Barcelona taking place in 2023, the Barcelona-based company discussed how Bioiberica is positioned to contribute significantly to the wider European pharmaceutical industry. “We have a portfolio of over 100 products that are sold in over 80 countries in the world. We are a reliable partner and are always looking for new collaborations to foster innovation. This is why we collaborate with more than 30 R&D ​centres​ around the world. This year we have doubled our investment in R&D – which is one of the reasons a lot of major pharmaceutical companies choose to partner with Bioiberica,” Olivares stated. 

Vivian Xie
Editor - Custom Content

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