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  • Product Cannabidiol (CBD) Softgels

    We offer fully assistance for development, formula optimization, and encapsulation of CBD-THC products. Soft gelatin capsules are the ideal dosage form considering both bioavailability and stability of Cannabis medicinal products. Additionally, our unique and patenteted Unigel technology offers a unique pl...
  • Product Pre-mixed IV solutions: bags

    Premixed solutions in customized IV bags, sizes: 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml (one port, two ports, twist-off, luer valve)Grifols Partnership is specialized in developing and manufacturing high quality sterile solutions in a wide range of containers made from a variety of materials in different sizes...
  • Product Pre-mixed IV solutions: vials and bottles

    Glass vials (5ml-50ml)Glass bottles (50ml-500ml)Grifols Partnership is specialized in developing and manufacturing high quality sterile solutions in a wide range of containers made from a variety of materials in different sizes to suit every need in both the human and veterinary markets. Grifols Partnershi...
  • Product Solid & Liquid Dose Drug Manufacturing & Development

    From OTC and Rx to diagnostics and dietary supplements, Avéma manufactures a full range of solid and liquid dose products, all manufactured under strict FDA guidelines and cGMP compliance. With an ever-growing portfolio of innovative formulas and a diverse mix of state-of-the-art equipment, our offerings a...
  • Product Manufacturing Solutions

    We are GMP-certified for the manufacturing of IMP clinical batches (Phases I-III) as well as commercialized products. Our laboratories are prepared to work with over 30 key pharmaceutical technologies, all API types from OEB classes 1-5 and narcotics, innovative technologies, hard-to-make formulations in a...
  • Product Formulation Development including Inhaled Products

    Inhaled products and formulation development: The development of drugs using experimental design approaches with integrated stability testing and storage is available from us. Our formulation specialists can provide a wide range of formulations in a timely and cost-effective manner in order to identify t...
  • Product API/Formulation Manufacturing Services

    We have access to the manufacturing facilities of Dr. Reddy’s and a network of strategic business partners. Our pharmaceutical drug manufacturing services offer a wide range of manufacturing services from a few kilos to multi tons of cGMP manufacturing of Key Starting Material (KSM) / Registered ...
  • Product VetaFilmTM - Veterinary Oral Film Technology

    VetaFilm™ is our proprietary veterinary oral film technology that provides significant market opportunities to improve drug delivery for companion animals. VetaFilm™ research and development services and veterinary oral films provide: • Dose placed directly on oral mucosa or on their f...
  • Product CDMO/CMO

    Genovior is a dedicated CMO/CDMO, focusing on providing clients excellent, efficient, one stop services and solutions, from clinical trials (IND/NDA) to commercialization.

    Our services include:

    1. Process Development
    2. Formulation Development
    3. Analytical Development
  • Product Qualicaps® Inhalation-grade capsules portfolio

    With nearly +125 years of capsule manufacturing experience, and the introduction of several capsule innovations to the pharmaceutical market, specifically in the field of inhaled drug delivery, Qualicaps® offers a broad portfolio of capsules specially designed for inhaled drug delivery, with superior a...
  • Product Commercial Manufacturing (CMO)

    Standards: • US, EU, China, WHO Commercial Scales
    • Tablets: 3 billion/year • Capsules: 500 million/year • Oral solution: 100 million/year • Ointment: 50 million/year • Granules: 300 million/year
  • Product Dossier - LyoDis (ODT ) Freeze Drying tablets

    LyoDis -ODT - Lyophlized Freeze drying tablets - various development dossier available for the scale-up for EU and other global markets

  • Product Oral Thin Films

    Oral thin films are loaded with active substances. The Thin films are taken orally and dissolve immediately in the mouth or are applied to the mucosa. For transmucosal films, the active substance enters the bloodstream directly via the oral mucosa, without having to first pass through the gastrointestinal ...
  • Product Propofol#out-licencing

    CDMO CMO Outlicencing
  • Product Development Oral Solid Dosage forms

    XEDEV provides wide range of technologies in order to develop your oral solid dosage forms. • Spray-drying • Granulation • Tabletting • Encapsulation • Coating Contact us for more information.

    ADAPTEK® TECHNOLOGY is the general name for our 4 international patents and expertise in nanotechnology and controlled release systems.This is a transversal technology that allows to develop customized biopolymeric nanohydrogels, allowing the load with different API (drugs, vitamins, growth factors, etc.)....
  • Product Clinical Manufacturing

    .Integrated drug development service (CRO/CDMO) including clinical manufacturing and management.
    The range of activities offered by Bluepharma includes:
    - Clinical material cGMP manufacturing
    - Clinical supply management
    - clinical material
    - placebo
    - ...
  • Product Sterile Injectables Contract Manufacturing

    Pfizer CentreOne is a global leader in sterile injectables fill-finish.Count on us to carefully guide your compound from development through launch. We’re known for our expertise in: • Complex biologics • Controlled substances • Sterile suspensions • Lyophilization

    You’ll be supported not on...

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