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Quality Assurance from the Design to the Printing Process

EyeC offers a range of print inspection and artwork comparison systems that cover the complete print cycle from artwork development, pre-press, press set up, outgoing QC and incoming materials inspection. They are used for example by high quality printing companies producing packaging materials such as labels, cartons, flexible film packaging and leaflets typically for pharmaceuticals, food and drink, toiletries and branded goods manufacturers.

EyeC is the market’s only supplier to ensure print quality throughout the production process – from the first artwork file to the finished product. Discover our solutions for quality control:

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Products from EyeC GmbH

  • Proofiler

    Product Proofiler

    The EyeC Proofiler is a complete range of off-line inspection systems that help companies check the quality of all types of printed samples. Designed for print shops and their customers - such as companies in the pharmaceutical, consumer and luxury goods, tobacco, food and beverage industries - the EyeC Proofiler brings security, efficiency and flexibility to QC checks. By verifying print quality and ensuring content integrity, this print inspection system helps companies cope with strict requirements, and catch print defects before they generate losses and damage their image.

    The EyeC Proofiler combines the power of intelligent software with the performance of a high-resolution scanner. The inspection system digitally compares the scanned samples against the signed-off proof (typically a PDF file). The operator can easily check deviations and make sure that the samples’ quality complies with requirements. The inspection is simple, fast, impartial, and reproducible. Results are fully documented for perfect traceability.

  • EyeC Audit Trail Viewer

    Product EyeC Audit Trail Viewer

    Available for the EyeC Proofiler and the EyeC Proofiler Graphic, version 3.4 or later, the EyeC Audit Trail Viewer helps you review your audit trail and track critical events easily and in total confidence. As a result, you detect any abnormalities quickly, save a considerable time during process control, and are well-prepared for audits.
  • EyeC Workflow Integration

    Product EyeC Workflow Integration

    The EyeC Workflow Integration incorporates our pre-press inspection technology into workflow systems such as Esko's Automation Engine. It helps you boost both security and efficiency at pre-press.