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  • Product Process development

    Rommelag CMO provides wide range of services which includes process development. It offers production of pilot batches for process development, filtration tests for sterile filtration, scale-up experiments, microbiological tests (internally or in cooperation with external microbiology laboratories), comprehen...
  • Product Clinical Supply Manufacturing

    • Phase I-III formulation process development and clinical supply manufacturing
    Generic drugs
    • BE sample manufacturing
    • Process Optimization
  • Product Scale up simulation and optimization

    We provide scale up and optimization strategy. Scale up is based on experimental small scale data (by Designed experiments) and fed into our simulation system.We use physics and chemistry based modeling in our simulations (no black boxing).
    Get the digital twin of your process!
    Results are clear control...
  • Product Complete Second-hand Process Plants

    IPP owns over 100 complete plants across the globe and with our vast customer relationships, we have the knowledge of hundreds more available or purchase to be operated in place or readily available to be dismantled and shipped to your preferred location. Save 70% of the cost of the equipment and ...
  • Product Process Development

    BioDuro-Sundia’s process development services support drug substance production,  providing an efficient path to manufacture API or intermediates. Our extensive services support production of API for GLP toxicology studies, IND-enabling studies, clinical studies, and commercialization efforts.
  • Product Development of chemo-enzymatic processes

    Inspired by solutions found in biological systems, we are proficient in developing robust chemo-enzymatic processes to produce your target compound. A strong platform on biocatalytic transformations and the ability to develop novel bio-inspired synthesis strategies for your product are our unique selling ...
  • Product Automated NIR Spectroscopy

    The SPECTRA NIV is a high speed inspection platform for the non-destructive acquisition and analysis of NIR spectra of lyophilized products. NIR spectroscopy allows the determination of multiple parameters simultaneously such as moisture concentration, defects of the lyophilizate and the identification o...
  • Product Process Development & Inhaled Product Manufacturing

    In addition to extensive development manufacturing facilities, Vectura has GMP manufacturing facilities for dry powder inhalers, pMDI and nebuliser medical devices as well as further capability to handle biological molecules. 

    Our GMP manufacturing facilities and equipment are relevant-to-commerci...
  • Product Spray-drying/spray-congealing

    Spray Drying is an instant and continuous solvent evaporation process of a liquid feed, atomised in a heated gas, generating a final dried solidified particle.

    The heated drying gas moves in co-flow with the atomised feed in the process chamber where the gas transfers its heat energy to the dro...
  • Product Product Rescue: Re-formulation & Optimization

    Product Rescue: Re-formulation & Optimization
    We generate a specific "added value" from our in-depth understanding and know-how for product optimization and improvement up to product rescue.

  • Product Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

    RGS offers a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners of various powers and capacity: industrial vacuum single-phase, three-phase, flameproof and with compressed air. There are also specific models for oils and chips, others for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries as wel...
  • Product Adenosine (Adenosine)

    Yamasa corporation offers a wide range of biochemicals products which includes adenosine (adenosine). Contact us for more information.
  • Product Formulation Development

    • Phase I-III formulation and development
    Generic Drugs
    • Pharmaceutical, analytical method development and process study
  • Product Process development, optimization and scale-up

    Xedev is specialized in process development.

    Do you have a drying, granulation of coating process which need optimization, Xedev can help you with the development, optimization and scale-up of your process.

    We are using a stepwise approach to transfer your material to your own facilities...
  • Product Dust Collectors

    RGS designs and manufactures continuous duty maintenance free dust and fume extraction systems for single and multiple points of extraction. The units with smaller footprint are available from 0.3 Kw to 7.5 Kw and high power units can be used for multiple and centralized extraction. Our ra...
  • Product Adenosine 5'-monophosphate, free acid (5'-AMP, free)

    Yamasa corporation offers a wide range of biochemicals products which includes adenosine 5'-monophosphate, free acid (5'-amp, free). Contact us for more information.
  • Product Adenosine 5'-monophosphate, disodium salt (5'-AMP, 2Na)

    Yamasa corporation offers a wide range of biochemicals products which includes adenosine 5'-monophosphate, disodium salt (5'-amp, 2na). Contact us for more information.
  • Product AVEVA MES - Manufacturing Execution System

    Digitally Maintaining Order, Effectiveness, and Quality in Plant OperationsStreamline order flow and production execution, track the transformation of products from raw materials to finished goods, and evaluate and analyse yield, quality, and plant resource utilisation. Improve operational efficiencies by red...
  • Product AVIONICS: The Data Intelligence Landscape

    AVIONICS is a complete software landscape designed to develop and leverage the value of your data. The AVIONICS Landscape is aimed at the continuous improvement for maximized efficiency, for improved planning and for agile decision making, driven by data intelligence.

    A single platform, powered...
  • Product Print Inspection ManageArtworks

    Detect printing errors before they hit the market ! While print technology has improved over the years, it’s the responsibility of the brand to make sure the packaging and labeling that is released to the market is correct in all respects. The onus of checking that the quality of the labeling is correct ...

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