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  • Product Oral Film "Rapidfilm®" – our orodispersible film

    Our orodispersible Rapidfilm® works like a conventional or orodispersible tablet. The film is placed on the tongue and dissolves within a few seconds. The active ingredient is swallowed together with the saliva and takes the same route as a tablet via the liver where the drug is metabolized.  Depe...
  • Product IsiCort

    Dexamethasone Oral film. Approved in EU. Partnered with Acucort, the product is available for licensing
  • Product BlisterProXCEL Services

    Deliver your clinical breakthrough to market in record time. With kp’s next generation BlisterPro® services, you can gain a true competitive, cost-effective edge with turn-key blister package design, finite element analysis, tooling design, fabrication, and package production. As the leading pharmaceutical fi...
  • Product Profilm COLD SORES - protective film for cold sores(herpes)

    Profilm COLD SORES is a liquid dressing for topical use, indicated to relieve the initial symptoms of cold sores. Its technology firms a protective and discreet physical barrier that adapts to the shape of the skin, reducing the risk of infection and the spread of the virus. Due to its compositio...
  • Product PolyCine APP114-S Multilayer Infusion Bag film

    PolyCine APP114 Standard

    Multilayer Film for infusion bag production

    Packaging for Antibiotics, Anti-Viral Drugs, Haemodialysis Solutions, CAPD Solutions, Standard Infusion Solutions, Plasma-Volume Expander, Anti-Infective Drugs, Analgesics etc.

    Customized widths, roll lenghts etc. qq...
  • Product DORMANORM oral films

    DORMANORM, Melatonin oral dispersible films 1mg (food supplement).
    The high solubility of the oral film ensures that the product is quickly dissolved upon oral contact, thus efficiently exploiting enhanced mouth tissue absorption capacity and avoiding the first hepatic step. 
    CNS Central ...
  • Product Activ-Film™ Material

    Aptar CSP Technologies’ Activ-Film™ material enhances product stability in ways that are invisible to consumers and more efficient for manufacturers.
  • Product Oral Film & Sublingual

    (1) Ondansetron ODF (2) Bupronorphine/Naloxone ODF
  • Product Oral film "Mucofilm®" - mucoadhesive film

    Our Mucofilm® offers intra- or transmucosal delivery. Our mucoadhesive film technology is designed for immediate release, directional or controlled release of your API. A thin film, which harbors your API, is applied to the mucosa of the oral cavity. After application, the film is small, light and canno...
  • Product Profilm MOUTH ULCERS - protective film for mouth ulcers and aphthae

    Profilm MOUTH ULCERS is a hydrogel, supplemented with natural extracts of propolis and tea tree, and enriched with stabilized vitamin C. After its application, and thanks to its technology, a protective physical barrier is formed which adapts to the shape of the mucosa, preventing contact with fo...
  • Product Release film: FILMBYNA®

    Transdermal medicines have been popular in Asian countries for decades for their controlled, constant release of active substances, and advantages for the well-being of the patients (safe, pain-free, user-friendly, with very low side-effects).
    Now, they are gaining traction in the EU as transdermal drug ...

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