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● Pulsed Xenon source; 220-1050nm (near-IR op'on)● UV enhanced 3648 pixel CCD array ● Flexible - high pressure inline flow cell with fibre optic wave guides may be positioned virtually anywhere in the flow path ● Convenient - flow cell incorporates PFA reactor tubing ● Monitor absorbance versus 'me over 5 user-selected wavelengths Flow-UV™ is an affordable and easy-to-use inline UV-Vis spectrometer designed for flow chemistry applications.Compact (18 x 18 x 17cm) and reliable (no moving parts), the Flow-UV fits conveniently into crowded fume cupboards and does not require calibratin or routine servicing. Moreover, in contrast to conventional Deuterium lamps, the Xenon flash lamp source has a lifeme of up to 10 years in normal use. Fibre-optic  wave-guides connect the flow cell to the source and detector thereby permitting the flow cell to be positioned virtually anywhere in the
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Categories Contract Services - Analytical & Lab ServicesQuality Control Testing; APIs; Biopharmaceuticals
Sales markets North America
Supplied from United States
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