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  • Product Intertek Pharmaceutical Services

    Intertek's pharmaceutical contract laboratory services, regulatory assistance, and supply chain assurance deliver quality and safety to meet your unique pharma and biopharma outsourcing needs. We bring quality and safety to life!

    With our pharmaceutical experts working with you at every sta...
  • Product Analysis for quick response to in-market complaints

    If there is a consumer complaint or an issue in the manufacturing process, a timely response is required.
    Both non-destructive and destructive analysis is available. Knowledge and experience of manufacturing for foreign materials based on the results of analysis.

    1. Microsc...
  • Product Biocompatibility & Toxicology Testing

    Nelson Labs offers a full trifecta of services to meet the requirements of ISO 10993 for Extractables & Leachables, Biocompatibility and Toxicological Assessments of medical devices. Biocompatibility testing is very common in the medical device industry. However, with 24 possible categories, each with a uniq...
  • Product Foreign Particles

    Mérieux NutriSciences has developed various strategies and complementary approaches for the identification of foreign visible and subvisible particles, thanks to sophisticated instrumentations combined with a pool of experts in different fields.
  • Product Batch release and import from no-EU countries

    We possess a manufacturing authorization for batch release

    We provide the following services:

    1. Batch release by a Qualified Person.
    2. Adoption of responsibility as external Qualified Person.
    We serve our partners with:

    • Method transfer and...
  • Product Quality control and manufacturing process validation

    Quality control and manufacturing process validation: Quinta - Analytica offers GMP-certified chemistry, manufacturing and controls assays (CMC) as well as analytical support during validation of manufacturing processes. Samples are analyzed by approved and validated methods for routine batch testing, stabili...
  • Product Leak Testing Systems for Pharmaceutical Packaging and Containers

    PTI’s non-destructive inspection technologies verify container closure system integrity. Deterministic quantitative leak test methods for vials, ampoules, syringes, cartridges and auto-injectors. Applications include stability studies, clinical trials, quality assurance testing and statistical process control...
  • Product GasSpect O2

    The Gasporox sensor series GasSpect offers non-destructive Headspace Gas Analysis to be integrated into an inspection machine. The sensors with its highly sensitive laser impresses with performance and precision. The GasSpect series comes in different variations depending on which gas to be inspected....
  • Product UTPVision Pharma

    UTPVision Pharma is a complete series of visual inspection systems for pharma and medical applications: aluminium caps, spray valves, plungers, stoppers and needle shields. 

    Discover more on: https://www.utpvision.com/en/products/pharma
  • Product ASM 2000

    Helium Mass Spectrometry

    Tracer gas leak detection and especially Helium leak detection is still the most sensitive commercially used test method on the market. Helium leak detection is only method able to detect sub-micron defects (far below the sterility level), instantly without storage o...
  • Product Extractables & Leachables studies

    We test for organic and inorganic components, Volatile, Nonvolatile residues and Elemental impurities. E/L studies are performed with High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) Inductively coupled plasm...
  • Product SPEEDY GLOVE - Automatic portable Intergity Glove Tester

    Speedy Glove is a battery-powered glove tester that performs leak testing on gloves installed on isolators or RABS where a strict separation between the isolated area and the external environment is required. The system performs pressure decay integrity tests that comply with the requirements of ISO 1...
  • Product Pharmacopea Analysis

    Neotron SpA provides wide range of analytical control according to EP, USP, JP, BP, CHP. 
    Contact us to ask for tests in relation to your monograph of interest.
  • Product Quality Control Testing

    Bringing a compound from the laboratory to the market is a long and winding road with a great number of scientific, safety and regulatory challenges. SGS has been offering high quality analytical testing and clinical research services to support drug research, registration and production. 
    SGS leverag...
  • Product Analytical Services

    ChemCon’s analytics team takes care of your inquiries if you are looking for ICH-compliant quality control, GMP validation, release analysis, impurity determination, reference standards or answers to other analytical queries. Close, outcome-oriented communication is the key to a successful partnership: W...
  • Product Wasdell QP Services

    Our dedicated QP Services team are able to provide compliance support, audit services, regulatory consultancy and QP certification for imported medicinal products.
  • Product Rhuleave-K

    Rhuleave-K is a proprietary formula designed to deliver instant pain relief and reduce inflammation. It does so by using the patented SPEED technology which creates a powerful combination that retains the efficacy of its components. This technology uniformly distributes its components by using a unique matrix...
  • Product Walk-In Incubator (Heating & Cooling)

    Allyone’s top of the line Cooling Incubators are the most preferred choice to maintain accurate temperature & its uniformity throughout the chamber for incubation where high degree of constant temperature accuracy is required.

    Incubators are mainly used for the growth & stor...
  • Product Analytical and Phy-Chem Department

    • Setup and development of analytical methods • Analytical support to formulation and process studies • QC testing of batches involved in in-vivo studies and supervision of bioanalysis • QC Testing of GMP batches • Microbiology (monitoring of GMP Pilot Plant) • Non-GMP ...
  • Product Qualification & Engineering

    The act of Validation, originally addressed only to sterilized equipment, now involves all product, process and facility matters.Choose PQE's solutions to ensure that your plant site meets your business objectives while being fully compliant with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice regulations and standard...

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