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Rebecca Lumley
16 Aug 2022

For supply chain security, ‘don’t live in the moment’ - CPHI Frankfurt preview

CPHI caught up with Jim Fries to discuss sustainable supply chains ahead of his CPHI Frankfurt panel discussion 

At the core of the pharmaceutical industry is the mission to provide patients with safe, high-quality drugs when they need them. To do this, pharma companies must ensure the timely delivery of their drugs to a potentially global customer base, which requires secure supply chains and a sustainable approach to business.

This will be the subject of the presentation Sustainability, Quality and Supply Chain Integrity: A New View at CPHI Frankfurt this year. In this session, CEO of the nonprofit international consortium Rx-360, Jim Fries will discuss the intersection of sustainability, quality, and supply chain integrity in the post-pandemic era and explore how best practices in one sector can lead to positive changes in the others.  

Jim’s session will take place on November 2 – Register for CPHI Frankfurt now.  

Jim Fries, Chief Executive Officer, Rx-360

You will be presenting the session Sustainability, Quality and Supply Chain Integrity at CPHI Frankfurt. What can attendees expect to gain from this session?    

They will gain a great understanding of how these areas link together.  It will leave them thinking about how they can improve in these areas.  Every company and organisation is different, my goal is to get them thinking with value points and queries. 

The pandemic shone a light on issues in the supply chain and prompted a mass re-evaluation of how to prevent shortages. What advice can you give for promoting supply chain resilience?   

Have multiple suppliers and always think ahead. Don’t live in the moment 

Why are you attending CPHI Frankfurt this year?  

Great opportunity to interact with international colleagues and support the mission of Rx-360 as an international consortium.  

We have a packed agenda of content and networking opportunities at this year’s event. What are you most looking forward to?   

To be honest, the networking opportunities.  

CPHI’s new brand line is ‘At the heart of Pharma’. What does that mean to you?   

Understanding what is going on at the root level.  Dive deep! 

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