PhotoChemical Reactor Lamp

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PhotoSyn PhotoChemical Reactor.  The Uniqsis PhotoSyn™ is a high power lamp unit for continuous flow photochemical applications.The unit contains a pair of hemispherical LED arrays composed of high quality individual diodes thatmaximise photon flux by concentrating the light inwards towards a central coil reactor.Units are available with the following configurations in total power outputs up to 700W:● 365nm (UVA) + 455nm (blue)● All blue (455nm); for blue-light photo-redox applications● 455nm (blue) + 555nm (green) + whiteThe LED arrays are water-cooled and incorporate thermal cut-outs which prevent the temperature ofthe array exceeding 60oC.In addition, the unit also benefits from internal convective cooling to prevent the build-up of statichot air and improve temperature management in the reactor cavity.
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PhotoChemical Reactor Lamp

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