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About Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. powered by Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. is a supplier of customized turnkey reaction systems built using Continuous Flow Chemistry reactors, Pressurized Glass or  Hastelloy and Stainless Steel reactors with support unit operations.  We offer clients a variety of components and equipment designs which are ideal for use in kilo labs and pilot plants. One of our key diff...

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Products from Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. (3)

  • Hydrogenation in a Flow Reactor

    Product Hydrogenation in a Flow Reactor

    Integrated flow system to perform hydrogenation reactions under flow chemistry conditions by employing the GAM II- Gas Addition Module.  The GAM II employs Dupont teflon AF2400 tubing to allow for transport of hydrogen ONLY across a membrane for reaction in a flowing fluid under strict temperature con...
  • PhotoChemical Reactor Lamp

    Product PhotoChemical Reactor Lamp

    PhotoSyn PhotoChemical Reactor.  The Uniqsis PhotoSyn™ is a high power lamp unit for continuous flow photochemical applications.The unit contains a pair of hemispherical LED arrays composed of high quality individual diodes thatmaximise photon flux by concentrating the light inwards towards a cen...
  • Flow UV

    Product Flow UV

    ● Pulsed Xenon source; 220-1050nm (near-IR op'on)● UV enhanced 3648 pixel CCD array ● Flexible - high pressure inline flow cell with fibre optic wave guides may be positioned virtually anywhere in the flow path ● Convenient - flow cell incorporates PFA reactor tubing ● Monitor absorbance versus 'm...