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Vivian Xie
9 Mar 2023

Fully biodegradable nutraceutical packaging an industry first

An agreement signed between TricorBraun and BioBottles will give nutraceutical companies (and potentially pharmaceutical companies) in the US and Canada access to the industry’s first fully biodegradable packaging option.

American packaging designer and distributor TricorBraun have signed an exclusive agreement with BioBottlesTM to offer their biodegradable bottles to the nutraceutical industry, the first and only bottle of its kind for nutraceutical companies in the US and Canada.  

In an effort to expand their current sustainable packaging offerings, the agreement will allow TricorBraun to exclusively offer BioBottles in the US and Canada. Made with proprietary technology, BioBottles offer nutraceutical companies and contract organisations an environmentally responsible alternative at a cost-effective price point, with scope to be utilised in pharmaceutical packaging needs.  

“Sustainability matters to our customers and their consumers, and it matters to TricorBraun,” Mark O’Bryan, COO at TricorBraun, stated. “Our exclusive BioBottles agreement in another example of our focused efforts to offer comprehensive sustainable options for our customers. We are thrilled to partner with BioBottles to provide our customers with a solution that helps protect both their products and the planet.” 

Manufacturered utilising Plastic IQTM technology, BioBottles and BioCapTM transforms HDPE and PP bottles, caps, scoops, and other items into a material that, when discarded, begins to degrade when exposed to UV, oxygen, and microorganisms. Fungi and bacteria are stimulated into treating the material as a food source and consume and fully degrade the packaging. BioBottles claims to leave behind no microplastics and convert into oxygen, carbon dioxide, and biomass, offering nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies an industry-first, fully biodegradable packaging solution. 

CEO and co-founder of BioBottles James Vanbrocklin commented on the partnership: “TricorBraun shares our dedication and commitment to providing sustainable packaging options for the benefit of the planet... We are excited to partner with a respected industry leader like TricorBraun to deliver this unique yet sustainable alternative for nutraceutical companies, and we look forward to working with TricorBraun to expand into new markets.” 


Vivian Xie
Editor - Custom Content

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