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  • Product Hirax (Liquid highly purified Hyaluronidase)

    Hyaluronidase formulation / 750IU 1,500IU 2,000IU  5,000IU
  • Product Candida rugosa Lipases

    CRL 1, CRL 2, CRL 3 from Candida rugosa, recombinant
  • Product BM Hylunidase (Lyophilized powder)

    Hyaluronidase formulation / 1,500IU
  • Product Isoamylase

    EUCODIS isoamylase belongs to the family of carbohydrolases acting specifically on α-1,6-glucosidic branch linkages in carbohydrates like amylopectin or glycogen. From Pseudomonas sp., recombinant; from 100 mg to bulk.
  • Product Amidases

    EUCODIS amidases belong to the family of hydrolases, acting on carbon- nitrogen bonds other than peptide bonds,  specifically in linear amides. Recombinant from Rhodococcus sp. and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, from 100 mg to bulk

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