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9 Jul 2019

I Holland to share the science behind tool maintenance

Proper maintenance - rather than replacement - of compression tooling will improve profitability.

I Holland will once again share its knowledge with tablet compression manufacturers by hosting a free webinar which investigates the science behind professional punch and die maintenance, and how it will improve profitability.

The webinar, to be held on 15 August, will examine the challenges of tool maintenance and the science behind it. It will follow I Holland's PharmaCare 7 Step Process, a logical, professional approach to tooling maintenance and storage which has already been adopted by many companies around the world as a Standard Operating Procedure.

“Tooling maintenance is internationally recognised by manufacturers and customers around the world to be a necessity,” explains Marianna D’Onghia, I Holland marketing co-ordinator. “The reason behind it is simple. Compression tooling should not be viewed simply as consumable items that are easily replaced. Instead, we argue that if you take care and follow proper maintenance and management procedures, your tooling will last longer. The result is less tablet press downtime and a significant return on investment from not having to replace your tools constantly.”

The webinar will detail each of the 7 steps and explain the options available in the marketplace, the recommended method and the science behind the method.

“This free web presentation will aim to teach you the how and the why,” continued Marianna. “The webinar concentrates on four main areas. Understanding the reasons why we recommend that you carry out each of the steps; a thorough review of equipment options available in the marketplace to carry out each step; the preferred method and its associated benefits; and finally the science behind both the step and the preferred method. We will answer the question why each of the steps is important, really exploring the science behind maintenance techniques and getting into the finer details and scientific facts.

“Implementing a planned, professional maintenance process is key to getting the best from your tooling and ultimately helping to improve profitability in tablet production. We hope those that sign up to the free webinar will leave the educational session feeling more knowledgeable about the importance of proper tool maintenance.”

This webinar will explain why correct tooling maintenance is critical in order to obtain the maximum life from punches and dies. Re-emphasizing that the application of a structured maintenance process results in the direct impact on the reduction of many common tablet and tooling problems. By adopting these recommended ‘best practices’ tablet manufacturers will ensure the maximum life from tablet tooling is achieved, an increase in production and direct cost savings.

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