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23 Jul 2019

Introducing the Blue Tube

Be ready. Think circular.

Tubex Aluminium Tubes developed the first aluminium tube made entirely from recycled aluminium, The Blue Tube. This innovation is fully in line with the principle of circular economy in the way that it integrates aluminium waste into the final product. The life cycle analysis of the new 100% recycled aluminium tube shows that 95% of the energy required in aluminium production is saved.

The blue tube - a true ambassador of the circular economy

The best argument for aluminium tubes is the infinite recyclability of the raw material. Now we’ve taken a step further by developing the most sustainable tube packaging in the world. Introducing the blue tube.

The blue tube is made of 100% recycled aluminium in a specially developed alloy and provides the same outstanding product properties that you expect from all our aluminium tubes. Tubes made of recycled aluminium require significantly less energy than conventional tubes. This results in a much smaller carbon footprint and a much better Life Cycle Assessment of the aluminium tube.

The blue tube is the tube packaging of the future. Join us on this sustainable pathway, and be there from the very first step!

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