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  • Product Microreaction Synthesis Platform

    The MO-FLOW-S microreaction synthesis platform is a general flow chemistry synthesis platform-type equipmentlaunched by Oushisheng Technology based on application requirements. The platform can carry multiple modulesincluding feeding, inline pressure control, microreactor, inline measurement, and inline sa...
  • Product APIs

    • Paclitaxel (Package : Up to 500g Per request) • Pemetrexed (Package : Up to 1kg Per request) • Bortezomib (Package : Up to 40g Per request)
  • Product aKGO Enzyme Screening Kit

    - Up to 20 wild type alpha-ketoglutarate dependent oxygenases (aKGOs)
    - Rapid hit screening with the panel
    - Free of third party IP
    - Supply up to g scale

    Boost your MedChem research and revolutionize your API synthesis route by using biocatalysis to oxyfunctionalize ...
  • Product Drug Substance

    Recipharm has more than 25 years’ experience in drug substance development and manufacturing. We are ideally placed to deliver a wide range of drug substance services from our dedicated development facilities around the world.
  • Product Discovery Chemistry Services

    Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services offers a wide range of discovery chemistry services to biotech, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and specialty chemical companies. This includes synthesis of a library of compounds from a few milligrams to multi-hundred gram scale or differentiated solutions for your discovery ...
  • Product Research & Development

    Discovery - Biology, Lead Optimization, Libraries, Synthetic & Medicinal ChemistryDevelopment - Chemical Process R&D, Fermentation, Formulation Development, High Potency, Kilo Lab & Small Scale Manufacturing, Lipid Nanoparticle, Method Development/Material Science, Rare/Orphan, Separation Scien...
  • Product Buidling Blocks

    Over 500K advanced building blocks in stock
  • Product Enzalutamide

    Its a Oncology API
  • Product Regorafenib

    Its a Oncology API
  • Product Nintedanib E-Isomer

    Nintedanib Impurity
  • Product Contract custom organic synthesis services

    AAPharmasyn is a contract research organization located in Ann Arbor Michigan providing cost effective high quality organic synthesis services. Services include medicinal  chemistry, custom organic syntheses, route scouting, stable label syntheses, synthetic route design,  and process development.
  • Product Hydrogenation in a Flow Reactor

    Integrated flow system to perform hydrogenation reactions under flow chemistry conditions by employing the GAM II- Gas Addition Module.  The GAM II employs Dupont teflon AF2400 tubing to allow for transport of hydrogen ONLY across a membrane for reaction in a flowing fluid under strict temperature con...

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