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  • Product Inhalation Drug Product Development Services

    Services for the development of inhalation drugs: Our team have over 30 years of experience supporting our clients' product development for orally inhaled or nasal drug products (OINDP). This includes formulation, stability, testing, product performance testing, in vitro bioequivalence studies, CMC su...
  • Product Biocompatibility & Toxicology Testing

    Nelson Labs offers a full trifecta of services to meet the requirements of ISO 10993 for Extractables & Leachables, Biocompatibility and Toxicological Assessments of medical devices. Biocompatibility testing is very common in the medical device industry. However, with 24 possible categories, each with a uniq...
  • Product Analytical research & development

    Quinta - Analytica can help develop a wide range of analytical methods, impurities research, accelerated stability and degradation studies, trace analyses, extractables & leachables, formulation development of finished dosage forms and more. Using our analytical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment we...
  • Product Medical Devices for various medical procedure (HA injection syringes accessories, Blood analysis, surgical tool, orthopedics...)

    De l'idée à la conception, l'industrialisation jusqu'à la qualification et la production.
    From the idea trough the design, industrialization until qualification and production.
  • Product Method Development and Validation

    In order to guarantee the reliability of analytical results, methods must be properly developed and fully validated.

    OFI accompanies and evaluates your new developments and supports you in questions concerning products on the market. OFI is specialized in method development for analytical ...
  • Product Wasdell Laboratory Services

    By the end of 2017 we will have a MHRA, GMP licenced laboratory. We will be offering a wide range of services for routine Quality Control analysis including QC release testing, method validation and stability analysis (analytical and microbiological). We work to the highest standards of GMP and GLP with rigo...
  • Product Analytical Services

    Pharmaffiliates is providing all the Analytical Services (i.e. Method Development, Method Validation & Transfer, Stability Studies, Contract Analysis, etc)
  • Product Laboratory Services

    Curida offers Lab services1 chemical lab 
    3 microbiological labs, including sterility lab and lab for test organisms

    Main services:
    Quality Control 
    Method development and validation 
    Stability testing 
    Contract laboratory
  • Product Development and Validation of Analytical Methods

    Analytical methods development and validation: Our method development scientists work with a broad range of products, methods, and analytical technologies (chromatography, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, biophysical analysis, bioanalytical techniques, etc.) to ensure that the method will meet its intend...
  • Product Extractables & Leachables Testing

    Nelson Labs Europe offers a comprehensive approach toward Extractables & Leachables testing for the pharmaceutical industry. Our approach combines technical and analytical expertise, polymer knowledge and understanding of regulatory requirements, all combined in a tailored approach for our customers.
  • Product Facility & Process Validation Testing

    Manufacturing facilities and processes can be a primary source of product contamination. Nelson Labs offers a range of services to assess these manufacturing environmental conditions, in addition to water system validations, raw material screening and residual manufacturing material tests.
  • Product Sterility Assurance Testing

    Nelson Labs is a leading provider of sterility assurance test services for medical device, pharmaceutical and tissue manufacturers for both sterile and nonsterile products. Most tests follow United States or European Pharmacopeia (USP or EP) and similar international standards. Medical device standards are al...
  • Product Packaging Solutions Testing

    We offer unparalleled breadth of packaging experience to help our clients deliver safe and effective products to market. Our services encompass consulting, package validation, material qualification and package development. Nelson Labs packaging solutions department has experience with successful validatio...
  • Product Elemental Analysis and Trace Metals (ICH Q3D, USP 233/232)

    We provide pharmaceutical organic and inorganic elemental analysis from trace levels to percent levels. Trace metals testing is a routine activity for our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratories and is carried out in accordance with pharmacopeia methods such as the United States Pharmaco...
  • Product Method validation

    Intertek offers wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes method validation. It belongs to bioanalytical services for preclinical and clinical studies category. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Pharmaceutical powder and particle morphology

    Intertek offers wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes pharmaceutical powder and particle morphology. It belongs to pharmaceutical analysis services category. It includes dry powder analysis: physical characterisation, particle morphology using malvern morphologi g3, particle size analysis – by ...
  • Product CHIRALPAK® IK

    CHIRALPAK IK is the cellulosic counterpart to the amylosic CHIRALPAK IG, bearing the same chiral selector, which is tris(3-chloro-5-methylphenylcarbamate).
  • Product Cleaning and Method validation accessories

    • Multiple MOC swab frame
    • Multiple MOC swab frame with handle
    • Telescopic device for holding swab frame
    • Telescopic device for holding swab stick
    • Telescopic device with mirror and torch
    • Multiple MOC swab templates
  • Product SES012 STERIND: AUTOCLAVE STERILISATION CHECK AMPOULES 10^6 Geobacillus stearothermophilus - ATCC NO: 7953

    SES012 STERIND:  AUTOCLAVE STERILISATION CHECK AMPOULES 10^6  Geobacillus stearothermophilus - ATCC NO: 7953(1 BOX X 50 AMPOULES) without Negative Control with COA RESULT 24 HRS 

    SES013 STERIND:  AUTOCLAVE STERILISATION CHECK AMPOULES 10^6  Geobacillus stearothermophilus - ATCC...
  • Product SDS015 STERIND: Dry Heat Sterilization Spores Strips

    SDS015 STERIND:  Dry Heat Sterilization Spores StripsBacillus atropheaus .. ATCC NO: 9372 (1box x 100 strips) with COA

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